Executive Coaching

Dr. Larry Pfaff did coaching before it was popularly called coaching. He has worked with literally hundreds of people from all walks of life in the areas of health, career and executive coaching.

Health Coaching - As an ACE Certified Health Coach, Dr. Pfaff helps his clients to live healthier, more productive lives through better exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. He specializes in helping people develop a plan that increases the probability of succeeding.

Career Coaching - Career coaching involves more than just helping you find a job, it involves helping you find work that you love! Do something meaningful with your life. We can help you with the career change process...finding your direction, improving your resume and honing your interviewing skills.

Executive Coaching - As an executive coach we are your sounding board about the important decisions you need to make in your organization. Let's face it, within your organization you don't have anyone to discuss important issues who doesn't have a vested interest in those issues. We help you get objective feedback on your decisions. 

Please see a detailed bio of Dr. Pfaff here.
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