Employee Selection - Behavioral Interviewing

The SELECTPro® Online Selection Interview System takes the guesswork out of the selection interview process. It offers organizations SELECTION INTERVIEW GUIDE SOFTWARE that helps you conduct behavioral interviews with job candidates. 

SELECTPro.net creates a structured interview process for your organization using behavior-based interviewing techniques.! Go to www.selectpro.net to see it now!

Consistency and Accuracy

The most important factor in the selection process is that each candidate should be treated equally. SELECTPro® Software lets you create a structured, consistent interview by offering more than 500 questions covering over 50 skill areas. The system allows you to design each interview around a specific position. Interview guides are tailored to help interviewers focus on data that is critical to making a decision based on sound information. 

The Costs of Poor Employee Selection Hiring the wrong person is a costly game. Whether the costs are obvious or hidden, the widespread effect of poor selection decisions can negatively impact your organization’s bottom line. Your organization has a lot at stake, which is why good selection is vital to your success. Hiring or promoting an employee is an important decision that should be taken seriously.

Obvious Costs



*Estimated Average for a
12,500 Employee Midwest Financial Institution
$3,000-Hourly Personnel
$10,000-Salary Personnel
Costs may be higher in your organization.

Hidden Costs

Poor Performance
Reduced Productivity
Poor Quality Products
Low Employee Morale
Higher Turnover
Dissatisfied Customers

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