Our Approach

What We Do -

Our focus is on you, as we work together to help you find satisfaction and 

success in your career or education. Sometimes the work will involve personal 

exploration looking into your values, skills and motivations. Other times it will 

involve developing skills and tools for the workplace or for job search. Still other 

times we will work as advisors helping with solid approaches to market yourself 

effectively. Every client is unique and how we work with each is therefore different. It 
is this individualized approach that makes us truly distinctive in career coaching.

How We Do It -

Our approach to career consulting can be compared to personal training for health 

or fitness. A personal trainer helps you reach your fitness goals through careful and 

attentive listening, education and training as needed, and guidance, cheerleading 

and coaching throughout the process. We use the same three approaches to help 

you reach your career goals. Because we design our consulting alliance together, 

you are assured that our work together is structured to provide the help you need in 

a format that works best for you.

Confidentiality Guarantee -

Everything we discuss is kept absolutely confidential. Neither the contents of our 

coaching sessions nor the fact that you are a client will be shared with anyone.