Team Practices Inventory (TPI)


The Team Practices Inventory (TPI) is designed for use with groups in which teamwork is essential. The TPI measures a group's behaviors. It contains 62 behaviorally-based items and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Identical inventories are completed by: each group member; the group leader; and, when appropriate, by individuals outside the group.

Once TPI data is collected, a comprehensive computer profile is generated for feedback to the group and the group leader. Results are compared to general norms or the organization's norms.

The TPI is available in two formats, paper/pencil and online.

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The TPI has been designed to give objective feedback about behavior by measuring how well a group performs on fourteen key factors. The factors are basic elements recognized as essential to effective group performance. They are:

Goal Clarity - The direction and purpose of the group are clear, challenging and important to its members.

Role Clarity - Each group member's role and responsibilities within the group are clear.

Structure - The group's structure facilitates its effectiveness.

Energy/Accomplishment - Individual and group energy is directed at accomplishing the group's goals.

Competence - The group possesses the skills necessary to be effective.

Commitment - The group is committed to achieving the team goal.

Influence - Group members have an influence on what happens in the team.

Cooperation - The group works together to get the work done efficiently.

Support - The group members support one another.

Trust - There is trust among group members.

Communication - There is good communication in the group.

Standards - The group has established standards of excellence.

Recognition - The group is given the resources to do the job and is rewarded for a team effort.

Leadership - The group leader is principled and facilitates the success of the team.


The TPI helps determine strengths and risk areas in a team's practices. Interpretation of results is provided by in-house or external consultants. During and after the feedback of results, the group is assisted with specific development plans. The plans range from self-initiated activities to classroom training.

The TPI can provide information at the beginning of team training courses. The TPI results allow participants to focus efforts on a research based model of team effectiveness.

The TPI can be used to measure change in team practices as a result of training and development efforts.


The TPI was developed over a five-year period using sound test design procedures. It is based on feedback from respondents and factor analysis of behaviorally-based statements. The emphasis throughout has been on the development of a valid, reliable inventory that is operational in nature.


MULTI-LEVEL, data is gathered from team members, the team leader and individuals outside the team.
OPERATIONAL, results point to specific actions.
COST-EFFECTIVE, helps to focus interventions.
SKILL-ORIENTED, not based on personality traits.
NORM-BASED, results can be compared to general or in-house norms.
RELIABLE AND VALID, consistent measures of actual behavior.

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