Career Test

Career Orientation Inventory (COI)

Career Orientation Inventory (COI) is a tool based upon John Holland's well-known RIASEC model of occupational themes. Test takers are asked to rate themselves on a series of 20 clusters of three  words by identifying those which are most and least descriptive of themselves. The COI first identifies an individual's work preferences and then generates a listing of the jobs and occupations that are most consistent with them.

The COI takes less than 10 minutes to complete and is appropriate for a wide variety of job-seeking populations. It is particularly useful for job search seminars, vocational guidance settings, as well as for career exploration workshops.

What the COI Measures

The COI provides a score for each of the six RIASEC factors: 

  • (R) Realistic  

  • (I) Investigative 

  • (A) Artistic 

  • (S) Social          

  • (E) Enterprising  

  • (C) Conventional 

    The RIASEC summary code is calculated based upon these scores and a listing of jobs and occupations most consistent with it is provided.

    The COI is only available as an online assessment through the PSI, Inc. Contact us for more information.

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