360 Degree Assessments

Our 360-DEGREE FEEDBACK INVENTORIES are now available online in an exclusive arrangement with the Performance Assessment Network, the premier online Psychological testing service! 

The 360-degree feedback process is a means through which an individual receives information about his or her behaviors from employees, peers, boss, and/or customers. Changing organizations require individuals who can adapt. Awareness or knowledge of current behavior is critical to effective personal change. 360-degree feedback can be a critical element in the change process.

Our 360-Degree Feedback System includes three different feedback inventories. They are the:

We also have two self-assessment inventories, the Time Management Practices Inventory (TMPI) and the Career Orientation Inventory (COI) which are both also available online. For more information please Contact Us

Qualifying HR, OD, Training and Mental Health Professionals may obtain a FREE SAMPLE ASSESSMENT of any of our five assessments. For more information please Contact Us. Include the qualifying position you currently hold, your background for test interpretation and how you may use the assessments in your organization.

To learn more, contact Pfaff and Associates at service@pfaffconsulting.com or call 269-370-0083.