* Peculiar Familliam Dei offers you a CAREWORKER TRAINING AND CERTIFICATE (free course for six months) from 15/01/2020 
* Peculiar Familliam Dei  organizes an OUTREACH CAMPAIGN named EVERY GIRL A PAD from march 2020 in all South Africa.
* Peculiar Familliam dei prepares an event named MAKE A CHILD AND MOTHER SMILE in Mandela's day 2020
Peculiar Familliam dei organises an OUTREACH CAMPAIGN named YOUTH FOCUS ON YOUR SUNRISE in high schools of South Africa in 2020

PECULIAR FAMILLIAM DEI IN ACRONYM P.FA.D IS A NON PROFIT ORGANISATION created in  2005; P.FA.D is driven by the mutual consent and dedication  to invest the Youth, donation and volunteering for the benefit of needy people.
His ideal si humanitarian, social, cultural and educational; hence our motto is P.FA.D a meaning of best life... The primary objective of P.FA.D is to contribute to the socio-economic development of poorest and deprived communities by training and promoting the disadvantaged persons.
Concretely P.FA.D has at least 67 Albinos (persons living with albinism), 120 women trained and promoted today being responsible, and able to ponder about their future, 78 integrated abandoned and street children. Assistance of orphans, old people, widows, and assaulted woman; we are counting a numerous number of persons helped who were living in adverse conditions.
P.FA.D is launching some activities such as Anti doping in school area and rural in order to fight drug abuse and cigarette(smoking) among youth which decrease the number or rate of minors to alphabetisation or stopping education so early; Woman raise up from your own for the reintegration of assaulted and abused women, also young girls to ponder about their future, and avoid early pregnancy before marriage, Outreach campaign of awareness and support to persons living with or without chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer,... especially in regarding with their adherence of treatment, preventive methods and alii. That is why P.FA.D has been touched and expresses its consent to help such person in need of our assistance.