Pey-Yan Liou is an associate professor at Graduate Institute of Learning and Instruction & Center of Teacher Education at National Central University, Taiwan. Her Ph.D. training was at the Department of Educational Psychology with the focus on Quantitative Methods in Education, University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities, the U.S.

        Dr. Liou has two research interests, including 1) international large-scale student assessment (ILSA) data analyses from both substantive and methodological-applied perspectives and 2) science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program evaluation.

        For the first research interest, she has utilized the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) data to investigate issues with a focus on students' motivational beliefs in science learning  (e.g., self-concept, intrinsic value and utility value). Funded projects have been executed to investigate the inconsistent relationship between student motivational beliefs and achievement at different levels as well as the relationship between students' perceived instructional practices, motivational beliefs and achievement. Recently, she is particularly interested in the different patterns of the relationships between motivational beliefs and achievement at an international scope. Moreover, to validate statistical conclusions, issues regarding psychometric proprieties of derived variables and the appropriate utilization of ILSA have also been examined. 

        For the second research interest, she was equipped with practical evaluation skills as a graduate student involved with a nationwise evaluation project to investigate the effectiveness of a scholarship recruiting STEM majors to be teachers in high-needs schools in the U.S. Recently, she also participated with a project as an evaluator to examine the effectiveness of a project aiming to increase students’ technological literacy in Taiwan.