About Me

I have over fifteen years of IT development and management experience on Online Marketing,  Lead Generation Corporate Legal industries.

I am currently working for ReachLocal Inc. as Sr. Architect. I work with two different teams: Publisher, to integrate campaign data with our Publisher, e.g. Google and RealTime Tracking, to reverse proxy our advertiser's site and provide tracking solutions.

Starting in late 2004 I was working for lowermybills.com. In 2005 Experian bought the company and it became part of ExperianInteractive Media. LowerMyBills.com was a lending lead generating business that was later aggregate into a larger lead generating entity for autoinsurance, education and lending. During 2004 and 2005 the company was growing rapidely and perhaps it was the most dynamic and  
exciting part of my career due to the real estate bubble.
I have seen the company grow from 150 to about 280 people and by 2009 shrink back to about where I started!! My primary role has been in the Marketing Systems, basically work as a Prinicipal Engineer and later Engineering Manager on different Online Marketing platforms for media, search and other channels. Since lead generation is inherently a Marketing business, and our core focus has been on online marketing, the systems I helped design, build, and support have been instrumental in many great wins.

I started my career with Mitratech Inc. as Java Software Engineer. From 1998 until 2004,I was part of the team that build TeamConnect platform and contributed to the organic growth of the company. As being part of a small company (40 up to 150 people), I played multiple roles from software development, client installation/support and eventually to project manager.

My academic endeavors at USC from 1998 until 2008, on a part-time basis, have been part of my career legacy in two main ways: taking time away from my day time job and giving me a great research and technical experience. Apart from receiving two Engineering Masters degrees, the best part of it was conducting experiments on human movements and data analysis at  Computational Learning & Motor Control Lab as a Research Assistant.

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