PET Users Group ACT Newsletter

P.E.T. User Group A.C.T. Inc.
published circa 1981 in Canberra, A.C.T., Australia.

The Commodore PET 4032 & 4040 Dual Floppy Disc Drive.




Did You Know... ?

PET stands for Personal Electronic Transactor ...
it was a bit of a wanky name for the machines, but it was
what Commodore Business Machines decided to call them.
Note: this pre-dated the name of PC or Personal Computers.

The PET's floppy disc drives, usually the 4040 model
(but there were other models) used standard 360K floppy diskettes,
however, you needed to notch the other side of them and flip
them over to use both sides. They became known as 'flippies'.
Note that they had approx the same storage as their
MS-DOS cousins (360K) but used Commodore's own diskette format.
Each side of a diskette held 664 blocks (plus the directory info),
and filenames could be up to 16 characters long.

The documents (below) are available in Adobe PDF (portable document format).  You will need to use one of the many PDF file viewers, such as Adobe Acrobat to view these files. Free Adode Reader program is available here.

Commodore programs are archived in .zip fomat. Use a program such as Winzip or Pkunzip or any one of numerous free archiving utilities available on the internet or elsewhere (7-zip, find lots of archivers here).

Commodore C64/128 users can get an unzip program for their Commodores from here:

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Page Contents
01 -- Cover
02 -- 3M advert
03 -- Editorial by John Gyffyn
04 -- Editorial (cont'd)
728 KB
editorial.txt -- Pages 3 & 4 in plain ASCII text.
3 KB

Page Contents
05 -- Converting Floating Point Numbers to Fixed by Peter Fletcher (includes ASM)
06 -- Peeks & Pokes - by Peter & Greg Wilkins
07 -- Peeks & Pokes (cont'd)
08 -- Compress Basic Programs by John Gyffyn (article)
370 KB
converting_floating_point_numbers.txt -- 'Converting Floating Point Numbers to Fixed' article, from page 5, as plain ASCII text
2 KB
peek_and_pokes.txt -- Peeks & Pokes article, from pages 6 & 7, as plain ASCII text
3 KB
compress_article.txt -- Article from page 8 as plain ASCII text.
3 KB

(pages 9-12, 'Compress' ASM listing;
page 12, BASIC 'Remark Remover' listing)

Page Contents
09 -- Compress Basic Programs (cont'd)
10 -- Compress Basic Programs (cont'd)
11 -- Compress Basic Programs (cont'd)
12 -- Compress Basic Programs (cont'd)

451 KB -- Removes rem text, but leaves behind rem statement PET version
1 KB -- Removes rem text, but leaves behind rem statement C64 version
1 KB -- Removes rem text, but leaves behind rem statement C128 version
1 KB -- Updated version. Removes rem text & rem statement C128 version. Only works for C128 (not PET or C64).
1 KB
(pages 13-14, discussion of CANNON game,
pages 15-16, BASIC 'Cannon' listing)

Page Contents
13 -- Cannon (game) by George Vangelatos
14 -- Cannon (cont'd)
15 -- Cannon (cont'd)
16 -- Cannon (cont'd) & Advert for Yarralumla Soft
652 KB
cannon_game_article.txt -- CANNON Game article, from pages 13 & 14, as plain ASCII text.
6 KB -- The CANNON game, from pages 15-16, for the PET
2 KB

(page 17 article and BASIC Listing about Random Numbers;
page 18 article about 'Dungeons & Dragons Room Generator' program;
pages 19-22, BASIC 'Dungeons & Dragons Room Generator' Listing)

Page Contents
17 -- Random Number Function by Peter Williams & BASIC Listing
18 -- Do You Need a Dungeon ? by Mark Williams
19 -- Do You Need a Dungeon ? (cont'd)
20 -- Do You Need a Dungeon ? (cont'd)
21 -- Do You Need a Dungeon ? (cont'd)
22 -- Do You Need a Dungeon ? (cont'd)

710 KB
random_number_function.txt -- Article, from page 17, in plain ASCII text.
2 KB -- program "random_tester.prg", for all Commodores, from page 17.
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dungeon_article.txt -- 'Do you Need a New Dungeon?' article, from page 18, as plain ASCII text.
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