Concession Committee

Concession Chair                               Amy Ross                         

Concession Chair                               Tim Kyte                           

Concession Chair                               Jeannette Bernauer        

Concession Chair                               Heidi Brock                      

Concession Committee                     Kevin Crary                      

Request To Use Booster Club Equipment And Supplies

Organizations that wish to use Booster Club equipment and/or supplies should download the file at the bottom of this page, and submit it to Amy Ross ( for approval. 

Staffing The Concessions Stand

This Is A General Staffing Estimate:

* At least one adult must be present at all times to supervise the Event.

* Varsity Football games require the most help.  With 3 registers going you'll have 3 people, plus the food/beverage “runners” working alongside that person (6 people).  Then you'll have beverage helpers stationed at the soda cooler, water/Gatorade cooler, coffee & hot coco (for colder games), to hand out drinks to the “runners” (2-3 people).  Food prep folks are watching the popcorn machine, making pretzels, wrapping hot dogs & burgers, and one grill master grilling through half-time.  Make certain enough food is ready for half-time rush, (4-5 people). You need a minimum of 12 people to work this Sporting Event.

* Other Events (Freshmen & JV Football, Large Track Meets, Soccer Tournaments, Volleyball, and Basketball) will have 2 registers open, with 2 "runners" each (4 people). One or possibly two people handling beverage stations, along with one or two handling hot food (2-4 people). You need a minimum of 6 people to work these Events.

* Smaller events (Soccer and Wrestling), with only one register open, can get by with 3-5 people working.

* If the Event is a Playoff game or Homecoming, you'll need to get more help!

Indoor Concession Openers Checklist

When you first arrive at school get all machines going so they can heat up…

Cheese Machine—Make sure there is a little water in the bottom (just to the top of the white plastic thing), plug in, turn on, the light in front should go on. This does take a while to heat up—just keep stirring the cheese.

Hot dogs—The quickest way to make these is in the Nesco.  Put a little water under the removable pan. Put enough water in the pan to cover the hotdogs.  Drain the hotdogs and put in Nesco.  Turn it on.  It takes about 45 minutes to fully cook them. 

Hamburger Grill—Make sure there is aluminum foil or an aluminum flat pan under the grill.  Mare sure left dial is at Grill/Panini, temp should be 300 degrees, cook for 8 min.  There is not a timer on the machine so you have to watch the clock.  You can only do about 3 burgers at a time.  When they are done—wrap them and put them in the big warmer.

Pizza Hut Pizza—If selling pizza, it will be delivered 30 minutes prior to game time.  Invoices need to go in the cash bag.  We now tip them for the delivery on the credit card…please do not tip them from the cash register!!!

Warmer—Turn dial in front of machine.  Just watch the temp because if it gets too hot the items on the bottom may continue to cook.  Place wrapped hamburgers and hotdogs in there.

Popcorn Machine—Check the front door of the machine for instructions. Let warm up for about 10 minutes, cut the package of popcorn/butter all the way across and dump it all into the kettle and close the lid.  Keep an eye on the popcorn- it’s a judgement call as to when it’s done, some will start spilling out of kettle. When you think it is done, turn the handle to empty the kettle.

Pretzel Maker—Set temp to 400 and turn timer past 5 min to warm it up.  Spray water on the pretzel then shake salt on it and place it in oven for 4 min.  You can cook about 6 at a time.  When they are done—they go in the pretzel warmer by the popcorn machine.

Candy—Make sure all candy is filled and displayed on cart—extra candy on the shelves in the back room.

Condiment Tray—The tray is white with four compartments and is in the back room. Fill two compartments each with pickles and jalapeno peppers—check refrigerator before opening a new jar. The tray goes outside the concession stand on the tall round table by the concession window.  Put napkins out there as well.

Register—Open the register by hitting NS (no sale).  Put the money in the register. Only open the second roll of quarters if you need it.  Do not unplug or move the registers.  

You may leave right before the start of your child’s game-providing the concession working crew has shown up.  Remind them they need to start cleaning and restocking with about 7 minutes left in the game.

Outdoor Concession Openers Checklist

Main responsibilities of the openers:

      1. Get money bag per arrangements made with the Concessions Money Chair

      2. Start cooking hot food

      3. Open the register

      4. Set up the condiment table

      5. Check stock

      6. Welcome volunteer work group and give them instructions

      7. You’re done!  Go enjoy the game.

      8. Return money bag to the Concessions Money Chair
  1. Get money bag

  2. Pizza Hut pizza 

    1. If selling pizza, it will be delivered 30 minutes prior to game time.  Invoices need to go in the cash bag.  We now tip them for the delivery on the credit card…please do not tip them out of the cash register!!! 

  3. Start hot food cooking

    1. Turn on the hot dog griller - turn both front and back dials to 10 to get it hot.  Spray lightly with Pam.  Once it warms up for a few minutes put at least one pack of hot dogs on.   The back roller heats the best, so load up the back!

    2. Use the small crock pot for heating up nacho cheese.  There should be a can of cheese in the football concession.  Pry the top off (it is not a screw cap) and pour cheese into the crock pot.  Put the cap back on the cheese and put it back in the fridge.  Turn the crock pot on high until the cheese is hot.   Stir it occasionally.  Once hot, turn it down to low.

    3. Turn on the popcorn popper let it preheat (plug it in for soccer concession stand).   Place a few bags of popcorn on top of the machine while it is warming up – this will soften the oil and make it easier to pour out of the bag.

    4. Wheel the grill out of the football concession stand away from the building.   Turn on the grill and start the grill.  Once it is heated, throw on some burgers.  You can find seasoning salt in the concessions.  Clean grill after last batch is done.

    5. Turn Pizza oven on to 400.  Turn timer on pass 15 minutes to warm oven.  Once the light goes off, the oven is ready.  Take out frozen pretzels and spray with water.  Sprinkle salt on pretzels.  Place in oven and set timer for 4-5 min.  When done, wrap in tinfoil and place in Nesco to keep warm for soccer.  Place in display case for football.  Small containers are available for cheese.  Make a few up and place in Nesco or warmer.

    6. Turn on food warmer and check water level…put finger in top hole and if you can feel water, it is good.  Otherwise add some water

  4. Opening the register – Register should be plugged in.  If it is not, follow steps a-c, otherwise skip to d.

    1. Plug in the register

    2. Insert the key that says “OP” on it and turn it GENTLY to the {reg} position

    3. Type “1” and punch the “CLK” button; this records a clerk number – we do not use different numbers but it is a required step to begin using the register

    4. Press the “NS” button.  This will open the cash drawer.

    5. Count the starting money to double check that you have $250.  If you do not, make a note and put it into the bag.  Put the money into the drawer.  Do not open all of the quarter rolls or all the singles.  The person working the register can open more later if they need them, but it is much easier to count the money at the end of the night if there are full rolls remaining.  Same thing applies to the dollar bills.  Close the cash drawer. 

    6. The register is ready for business.

  5. Set up the condiment table. 

    1. Get 3 nacho containers and fill one each with pickles, jalapeno peppers, and onions.  Onions are in the freezer in the football stand.  Put a small amount in a paper bowl and microwave to defrost.

    2. Put out a bottle of ketchup and mustard.  Please check refrigerator for open bottles before opening new ones!

    3. Fill the square container with napkins. 

  6.  Hot Chocolate and Coffee (if cold)

    1. For cold nights, put cold water into the 30 cup stainless coffee maker that has hot water on the lid.  Do not put the hot chocolate powder in the water.  Each cup is made to order.   This cuts down on throwing out any unused hot chocolate.

    2. For coffee, take a filter and cut a hole in the center.  Put it in the filter basket.   Add coffee to match the amount you plan to make.  Add cold water to stainless coffee maker.   Plug pots in the soccer stand.  They are ready when the lights turn on.

  7. Restock food and beverages

    1. Check beverages (they should be stocked from the last event).  If stocking, please be sure to check dates and always put the oldest product toward the front; outdated beverages need to be tossed, so we need to avoid that whenever possible!  If possible, keep cold beverages toward the front so that our customers don’t get warm drinks.

  8. Instruct the volunteer group:

    1. Show them how to cook more burgers and hot dogs.  Remind them that ideally we want no food left at the end of the night.

    2. Ask the volunteers:

      1.  Avoid unnecessarily breaking open quarter rolls—only open as needed

      2. Rip the paper holding the $1 bill pack together as soon as you need to take some out.  Do not slide $1 bills out of pack.  This creates confusion for counters at the end of the evening. 

    3. Tell them that they should restock candy, beverages and chips when they have slow times.  Please restock beverages based on “best by” dates.

    4. They can start clean-up of the hot dog griller, grill and dishes in the football stand as soon as they are done cooking.  Be sure to unplug the hot dog griller.

    5. Wash all dishes, coffee pots, condiment trays and hot chocolate thermos.  Don’t forget to remove the grounds from the coffee pot.

    6. Wash all counters and work surfaces.

    7. Sweep the floor.

    8. Make sure that the volunteer groups knows where the 50/50 is and to tell the 50/50 raffle group to make sure to separate the “starting” money out ($150) before they count and divide in half.   There is a form in the 50/50 bag that must be filled out when they are splitting the money.  An adult must be present during this part of the process.

  9. Return the cash bags to the Concessions Money Chair – either immediately after the event or the next morning, as previously arranged.

Cash Register Directions


Open three cash registers for Football games, two for large track meets, soccer tournaments and basketball games.  For most other Events one register is enough.

One person should run each register to keep the handling of money consistent. 

To Open:

  1. The register should be plugged in.  If it is not, follow these steps, otherwise skip to #2:

    1. Plug in the register

    2. Insert the “OP” register key found in the cash bag and GENTLY turn to the [reg] position

    3. Enter the clerk number:  Punch [1] and then punch [CLK]

  2. Punch [NS] “no sale” to open register and put in the $250 starting cash.  Don’t open all the quarter rolls to start – only open as needed

  3. Set up the tip box next to the register and encourage people to use it!  Place a sign indicating who the volunteer group is right next to the tip box.

To use the Register:

  1. Punch the key with the item name on it.  The prices have all been pre-programmed into the register.

  2. If you make a mistake or the customer changes the order, hit [C] for “Clear”.

  3. Hit [SUBTOTAL] and tell the customer what they owe.

    1. The most common error made is forgetting to hit subtotal.  If you do this, the register will give you the error code “E0031”

    2. You do not need to hit [SUBTOTAL] after each item.

  4. Key in the amount of cash received from the customer.  You do not need to put in a decimal point.

  5. Hit [CA/AMT Tend] “amount tendered”

  6. The register will show the change due to the customer.  It does not zero out after the drawer is closed.

  7. There is a sheet with common error codes listed to help get out of an error.

  8. If you run out of quarters or singles, you may “buy” some out of the tip jar – make sure you make an even exchange.

To pay volunteers for buns or other supplies:

  1. Take the money out of the register owed to them.

  2. Place the receipt into the drawer, marked with the total amount paid and your initials.  Make sure this receipt makes it into the money bag.

Miscellaneous Transactions:

  1. To open the drawer: [NS] “No Sale”

  2. To clear any numbers keyed in wrong before hitting a function key such as [SUBTOTAL]: [C] “Clear”

  3. To cancel the last item registered: [Err/Corr Cancel]

  4. To void an entire transaction:  [RF] and [Subtotal] to go back to a 0 balance.


50/50 Raffle Instructions

Pick up the starting cash and tickets from the concession stand opener and count it to confirm you have $150.  If there are two of you selling, each takes $75, the receptacle and a roll of tickets.  Put the cash into the selling apron(s).  Go sell!!  Don’t forget to smile and be outgoing! J  People will enjoy talking to you.  You can set up a table by the entrance, or you can walk around the crowds and go into the stands.  The more you sell, the more your group will make.


20 tickets for $10.00

8 tickets for $5.00

1 ticket for $1.00


Give your customer 1/2 of the ticket and put the other half into your receptacle.

Stop selling with about 5 minutes left in the first half and return to the concessions stand to divide the money as follows:

  • Combine the cash collected by your partners
  • Take out the $150 starting cash and return it to the cash bag, in the zip lock labeled "Start". Try to return the following denominations:
    • 50 singles
    • 12 fives
    • 4 tens
  • Count the remaining money and divide it in two.
  • Put 1/2 into a large zip lock bag available from the concessions workers.  Write the amount, the date and your group's name on the front of the bag with a Sharpie.  (Located in the concession stand.)
  • Write the amount, the date, and your group’s name on the form in the 50/50 money bag.  Place 1/2 the money in the 50/50 money bag.
  • Put all the tickets together into one receptacle to use for the drawing and bring that receptacle, the zip lock bag with money in it and a Sharpie to the announcer.
  • Ask the announcer to pull the winning ticket and announce the winning number, along the amount they won and the group benefitting from the raffle (your group). Stay with the announcer and personally give them their winnings when they come to collect it, because sometimes the winner will choose to donate the money right back to your group. If they do, write his/her name on the zip lock bag and place it in the 50/50 money bag.  Be sure to tell them thank you!!

To Close Register

  • This procedure should be performed by the adult present for closing.  Do not unplug the register for any reason!!
  • Open the drawer by keying in "no sales" [NS].
  • Count the cash; use the worksheet in cash bag.  Separate out $250 (starting cash amount) in smallest bill denomination – using the small denominations makes it easier for the concession chair to restock the bag. Take that $250 and put it into zip lock bag labeled “Start” then in the bank bag for starting money for the next event.
  • The amount remaining after you remove the starting cash is the night’s sales / take.  Put it into the large zip lock bag labeled “Register cash and Closing Sheet” and then in the bank bag.  Fill in the amounts, total and two adult signatures.
    • You will want to pull the tray out from the drawer and make sure there are no stray bills stuck down there.
  • Put the receipts from pizza and the keys in the tote bag.  (Not the money bags)
  • Tips collected during the night are counted and put into the 3rd zip lock bag labeled “Tips” with the amount, date and working group they go to on the paper in the bag.  Place in bank bag and you are done!
  • Please leave the registers on and plugged in.
  • Closer should bring the tote bag with everything in it back to the Concession Co-chair.

Outdoor Concession Clean Up Checklist

Please begin process after half-time rush:

  1. Clean grill if not already done.  The last griller should clean the grill while it is hot.

  2. Wheel grill in to the stand.

  3. Clean hot dog grill

  4. Restock candy and beverages.  Pay attention to best buy dates when stocking beverages. (If working soccer, retrieve items from football stand.)


With 10 minutes left in the game:

  1. Clean up popcorn machine and bag up popcorn to be ready for sale after the game.

  2. Wash cheese warmer or place in fridge, if there is another game this week. 

  3. Sweep/clean up floor.

  4. Wash everything!! Coffee pot, pretzel machine, popcorn maker, counters, etc.

Please leave the stand as you found it, and have everything ready for the next event.  Thank you!!

Soccer Concessions Instructions

Main responsibilities of the closers:

      1. Make arrangements with the concessions chair as to when the money and keys will be picked up/dropped off.

      2. Check on the volunteers part way through the varsity game to make sure that they are doing OK, and tell them how to start cleaning up while still keeping the concessions open.

      3. Arrive at concessions immediately after the conclusion of the varsity game and help direct the volunteers to complete the cleanup process.

      4. Close out the register and count the money.  If possible, have 2 adults perform the count and sign the sheet.

      5. Make sure appliances are unplugged, trash is removed from the stands, lock all doors, and take money bags/keys with you.

      6. Deliver money and keys as agreed upon in step 1.

  • Check on the volunteers during the event.
    • Remind them to stock the cooler, putting the oldest product in the front, and making sure that cold drinks are still in the front.
    • Place all popcorn that is cooked into bags.  They can put the bags aside and clean the machine, then put the bags back inside until concessions is closed.
    • Remind them to start cleaning up so that when the game is over, everything is about done.

  • Arrive and coordinate cleanup by volunteers (toward the end of the game). 
    1. Floor should be swept to remove any popcorn that has spilled during the event.

    2. If using the small crock pot for nacho cheese, the small amount left in the pot can be tossed.  If there is a large quantity left, let it cool and then put it in the cooler.

    3. Leftover onions, pickles and jalapenos can be thrown out.  Ketchup, mustard and relish should be put in the cooler.  The table should be wiped off and brought in the stand.

    4. Put chocolate candy in the cooler.

    5. Dump coffee and hot chocolate water.

    6. Clean hot dog griller and wash any dishes in football stand.

    7. If grill is cool, put in inside behind the door (next to Gatorade cooler).

    8. If there are slices of pizza, hot dogs, burgers, or popcorn left, have the volunteers try to sell for “2 for  1“.  We do not give food away for free.  If it can’t be sold, you can leave it for the custodians (on top of the outside trash can) and, as a last resort the volunteers (or you) can take the food.

    9. Empty inside trash can.  New bags are in the rolling cart on the counter.

    10. Check beverage cooler to be sure it is filled; if not, ask the volunteers to refill it.  Stock may have to come from the football stand.

  • Close out the register.
    • See To Close Register instructions.
  • Turn off lights and lock the door to the soccer stand.
    • Make sure equipment is cleaned/ unplugged  (hot dog griller and microwave) in the football stand.  Check to be sure that the grill was brought in from outside.
    • Turn off the lights and lock the door to the football stand.    Be sure to lock both doors – soccer and football!
  • Deliver the money and the key as agreed upon with the Concessions Chair.
    • Both the concessions and 50/50.

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Nov 30, 2014, 5:55 PM