Evan DeCorte

Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University
Host: Bruce Shepherd

Contact info
Email: pevdecorte [at] gmail [dot] com

Evan DeCorte
McGill University
Mathematics and Statistics
Burnside Hall Room 1005
805 Sherbrooke W.
Montreal, QC,
H3A 0B9, Canada

Research interests
Probabilistic and Fourier analytic methods in combinatorics, discrete geometry, combinatorial optimization.

My CV in pdf format.

Current teaching
Discrete Structures I, Fall 2017, McGill University.

Past teaching
Discrete Structures I, Fall 2016, McGill University.

Some papers
  • E. DeCorte, K. Golubev, Lower bounds for the measurable chromatic number of the hyperbolic plane, Submitted. [ arXiv ]
  • E. DeCorte, O. Pikhurko, Spherical sets avoiding a prescribed set of angles, International Mathematics Research Notices rnv319.   [ arXiv ]
  • E. DeCorte, D. de Laat, F. Vallentin, Fourier analysis of finite groups and the Lovasz theta-number of Cayley graphs, Experimental Mathematics 23 (2014), 146-152. [ arXiv ]
  • C. Bachoc, E. DeCorte, F.M. de Oliveira, F. Vallentin, Spectral bounds for the independence ratio and chromatic number of an operator,  Israel J. Math. 202 (2014), 227-254. [ arXiv ]

You can also have a look at my PhD dissertation and propositions (stellingen).


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