Services by me, for you!

Here I will provide some of my services! Currently five!

 GIF Transparent Image

This one is very simple! Just email me with images that you would like to be turned into a transparent GIF image. You can send in as many as you want per email. Also, credit me, it's only nice.

Eye Glinting Petz

This is another simple one! Just email me pictures of your pets and tell me if you want double or single. Click the words for example.

Outlining Images

Another simple one. Email the pictures of your pets and tell me which colour you want around them. Click for example.

All three services above can be done together.

Faded Images

Email me images of the pets you want to have. Mine aren't as good as ones that are faded in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro but they still are nice!

Love Match © Petz Pizzazz

 If you liked my Love Match activity, you might also like this! You can send images of your Catz or Dogz, and a few other things and I will make one for you! Below I will list a few things. 

Note that this is for people who visit your website to vote. If you don't want other people's opinion, don't send in for a love match!

Pictures I Will Need:

~ of your pet who is wanting to breed Example

~ of available partners (No more then 6) Example

~ of your pet that wants to breed from the drop down Pick A Pet menu (instructions on image) Example

Information I Will Need:

~ name of the pet wanting to breed

~ names of the available partners

~ breeds of the available partners

~ The gender of your pet wanting to breed




Site Name:

Site URL:

Name and Gender of Pet Wanting to Breed:

Names and Breeds of Available Partners:

Do You Want the Images Transparent(GIF):

Send this in an email with pictures of the petz wanting to breed(normal and the one from the Pick A Pet drop down menu), and pictures of the available partners.

Don't forget to take the code under the image if I make one for you!


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