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October 12/07

I've been busy lately. I've got a bunch of stuff to upload and I have to send out Buttons Gift Baskets too. I've moved my updates to here. Now you can comment on them! New litter added. Images for litters are messed up, they is white around the edges, I'm trying to fix it.

October 8/07

I added Tammy's new litter today. Still a few more to upload. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day. So, if you're Canadian or not, Happy Thanks giving! I added things to the Welcome page too!

October 7/07

I only got one litter up yesterday, I put the petz from the other one on AAC. But I did breed some Petz this morning, so I have another litter!  More are coming very soon! I also added something to Adoption Rules! Be sure to read when adopting! I added a new litter today, but unfortunately, the Tammy/pet file crashed my game. So, you can't adopt from the litter. I'll will be taking it off now and adding another one. New Sister Sites!

October 6/07

New adoptions on the litters page coming later today!

October 5/07

Sorry for not updating for a while. I have been busy and sick. It's a new month! I have recieved another entry for the picture editing contest, so I only need one more! Yay! If you entered, I will email you to come see the results. My next show/contest will be a catz pose show. I have made awards already


September 24/07

Deli was adopted..By me! >:)  He will be popping up on my site soon! New adoptions are coming soon! Remember, you can submit an adoption! Just go to the Adopt page and read the Submitting a Pet rules first! Another entry for the Picture Editing Contest has been recieved (a few days ago!) Only two more entries need!

September 23/07

Soaring Rainbow was adopted! Some pages one my crew site are up, the link is at the top of this page! Please go see it soon!


September 22/07

I am currently working on my crew site, but you can still view some of my petz here. Also, some pages will be getting a makeover. New litter too!


 September 19/07

Adoptions updated, no new pets, just images updated.  Images of the petz (that have been adopted from litters) as babies will be sent out soon to the person who adopted them. Buttons Gift Baskets will be sent out soon too. New litter coming, cliques updated.

September 18/07

I have a new sister site! Servicez page has been updated! I am so sorry for not sending out all of the Buttons Gift Baskets! I will send them out soon! Also, a new litter is coming soon!

September 16/07

Update box has been deleted because I changed the theme of my website and the text box didn't work. Adoptions updated too! I created a Welcome page and cliques were moved to there.

September 15/07

- Awards page is updated
 - a Petz Pizzazz newspaper is coming soon 
- If you have unwanted pets, go to the adoptions page and fill out the form at the bottom 
- Services page updated

September 14/07

- I added Kara's Page Yay!

- Glimmer's Page will be coming soon!
- Awards page being updated
- Awards page is updated

 September 13/07 

- Dog mascot found! His name is Glimmer, he was hexed for me by Sam at the Petz Yellow Pages. Thank you again!  
 - Also, some fish in the fishbowl aren't appearing, and I am sorry about that. They should be up soon!

September 9/07

 - Not much, I do have a little problen though...

- More slorg images coming soon!

September 8/07

- I added a little update box! Its not Petz related but it's very cute and I love Slorgs! I got this(the update box) at
It's a site for Slorg Fans! If you a fan of slorgs, you should check it out!
- Services page is up
- Fun and Games Updated
 - Whole stuffed dash litter is gone, another will be coming soon!
- Catz Adoption page updated
- Linkz page updated

September 7/07

Updated Fun and Gamez page, there is another fun activity there now! Go and see! Also, My Catz Page is up, but it's not done yet! Litters page updated (no new ones, just edited something!) I have also added a Past Updates page!

September 6/07

Added my mascot on the homepage! (I forgot to publish it to the web, so, actually it got published on Sept. 7/07)

September 5/07

I found my Catz mascot! Servicez page is coming soon! (Along with all the others!) My clique on my Fun and Gamez page is currently gone because I have to update it! Sorry!

September 4/07

My two new sister sites posted!

September 3/07

Two new Sister Sites! I am sorry but I will have to post them later. Stuff was adopted, and I have a new Catz Litter! Their colours are very cool! They don't really match the parents! Ama adopted!

September 2/07

New sister site! Veno @ Magonda! Also, I forgot to post my other new sister site yesterday! Jade and Sandy @ Mixxed! Also, I know how to do good silhouette pictures and faded pictures using MS Paint! Examples coming soon! Gallery page is up, Fun and Gamez updated.

September 1/07

Hello new month! New pages are coming soon! Sister Sites links are also on the front page as well as the links page!  Some of my cliques are moving to a different page. They might be a little bit messed up at the bottom (of my homepage) right now... 

 August 31/07

A new litter is up! Click on Adoptions and them click on Litterz! Also, my new kitties from Equess and Amerite are now old enough to be out on their own! Also, two new links added!

August 30/07

Added two new pages! Fun and Gamez and Contestz and Showz! Check them out soon! The Find It can be found on the Fun and Gamez page. I need to update some links, and My Catz page should be up soon.

August 29/07

Some awards are up on the Awardz page. Buttons won his first show! It was cute themed. Information about Buttons will be up on the My Petz/My Catz page later. I have to update the Linkz page soon.

August 28/07

Equi and Ami (new litter) are now infants! My two Stuffed Dashes are expecting puppies soon. They will be up for adoption. Breed file available at Splash. There will also be a link when the babies are born. Added new links, and my fishbowl. About Me page is up. Other new pages are coming soon.

August 27/07

Linkz page being updated, new litter actually staying with me, updated clubs/cliques, added Cbox, and new pages coming soon (My Petz, About P5F77, Awardz, Skinz, Playscenez, and more!)

August 26/07

Some pages have been published to the web, new litter, new linkz, and side bar complete on every page. Some links to pages won't work because they might not be published yet.