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February 20th, 2020: Oh my gosh, I was reminded of Petz 5 somehow and decided to log into my old email... and remembered this site... I think I'm going to keep it up as an archive (even though some parts of it aren't working anymore). I'm going to play the game again but probably won't have an online presence. If any of my old friends see this and want to chat, I have the same email. 

September 12th 2008: No one tends to visit anymore, I can understand that. I'll try to update with new things soon. But, I do have school now. It's much harder than last year! Thanks for understanding. :)


AUGUST 20th, 2008: I am so sorry! Please read the new blog entry on my updates blog. It will kind-of explain. Link down on the page. Also, we are now on a semi-hiatus. Please forgive me for all of this! 


DEAR EVERYONE: I am so sorry I haven't been updating this website. I had broken my right arm/wrist in November of 2007. It was too complicated and hard to use the mouse on my computer. It didn't heal until early February. School has been really tough also. I'll try to update as much as I can now. Again, I'm really sorry...


PLEASE VISIT THE SITE OF THE MOMENT: Blue's Cattery! Homepage not updated but adoptions are still being sent out!

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Vote for my petz at BIS or DIS (you don't have to be a member! But being a member is okay too!): Sahara, more coming soon!

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    Welcome to Petz Pizzazz! It's a Petz 5 Fansite. Navigation is always on the left side bar on a page. I will now post updates here! New features will be coming soon so stay tuned!

Number Of Petz Currently Up For Adoption: 0 I'll put some up soon! I promise!


Updates are now located here! Last Updated August 20/08!

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ITS FULL! Certificates aren't ready yet. When they are, I will email yours to you. You only get a certificate if you joined! Some fishes aren't showing up...I'll see if I can fix it.