Adopt Petz Today!

Welcome to the Adoption Center! Here are the rules:

1. Keep their name please.

2. If you want to show your petz please include that in the form. More information will come when I email you back.

3. If you don't want your Petz anymore send them back to me, you can not put them up for adoption.

4. To show that you read the rules add $ to your name. Ex. $Name$

5. One form per pet.

6. Please update on your Petz. With pictures please.

7. Only one pet per person per litter!

8. You can only receive adopted Petz from litterz when they are kittenz/puppies.

The form for Catz will be on the Catz Adopionz, Dogz form will be on Dogz Adoptionz, Litterz form will be on Litterz Adoptionz.

I hope you don't mind that I keep my pet files. I will never give them out, but I play with them. I will probably not, but I might. I'm telling you this, just so you will be aware!

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Have An Unwanted Pet?

If you have an unwanted pet plese fill out the form below, and they will be posted in the correct catagory. Only one form per pet. Please send pets that are not up for adoption somewhere else. If you don't mind, I will play with the pet and get a good picture of them. Remember to send the pets file! If you upload something else, it won't send.


Sorry! You currently can't submit any unwanted Petz! Maybe soon!