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An Excerpt from "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" (1968) by R. Buckminster Fuller

" The politicians, having an automatic bias, were committed to defend and advantage only their own side. Each assumed the validity of the Malthusian-Darwin-you-or-me-to-the-death struggle. Because of the working concept that there was not enough to go around, the most aggressive political leaders exercised their political leadership by heading their countries into war to overcome the rest of the world, thus to dispose of the unsupportable excess population through decimation and starvation-the age-old, lethal formula of ignorant men. Thus we had all our world society specializing, whether under fascism, communism, or capitalism. All the great ideological groups assumed Armageddon.

Getting ready for the assumed inexorable Armageddon, each applied science and all of the great scientific specialization capabilities only toward weaponry, thus developing the ability to destroy themselves totally with no comprehensively organized oppositional thinking capability and initiative powerful enough to co-ordinate and prevent it. Thus by 1946, we were on the swift way to extinction despite the inauguration of the United Nations, to which none of the exclusive sovereign prerogatives were surrendered. Suddenly, all unrecognized as such by society, the evolutionary antibody to the extinction of humanity through specialization appeared in the form of the computer and its comprehensively commanded automation which made man obsolete as a physical production and control specialist-and just in time.

The computer as superspecialist can persevere, day and night, day after day, in picking out the pink from the blue at superhumanly sustainable speeds. The computer can also operate in degrees of cold or heat at which man would perish. Man is going to be displaced altogether as a specialist by the computer. Man himself is being forced to reestablish, employ, and enjoy his innate "comprehensivlty." Coping with the totality of Spaceship Earth and universe is ahead for all of us. Evolution is apparently intent that man fulfill a much greater destiny than that of being a simple muscle and reflex machine-a slave automaton-automation displaces the automatons."

The Future of the Future: The Day the Universe Changed

Economic Collapse: SU vs. US


A ship in harbor is safe -- but that is not what ships are built for.
John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic, 1928
 "The Public is expected to believe that the misfortunes that beset us are acts of God, and that, though we have the science and the necessary equipment and organization to produce wealth in abundance, it is beyond the wit of man to learn how to distribute it."
 - Pp. 19-20, "The Role of Money" (1934) by Frederick Soddy,  
Read Pp. 20-23.
"It is not suffering but unnecessary suffering and misery that is the goad of human progress." Pg. 21

"But empty milk into the Potomac ; import pests to destroy the cotton crop ; burn wheat and coffee as fuel ; restrict
the production of rubber ; set up tariff-barriers ; permit trusts, federations, cartels, and lock-outs ; allow trade unions to develop ca'canny methods to reduce output ; maintain in misery, insecurity, and idleness masses of unemployed who are not allowed to better their lot by making the very things of which they stand in need ; and revolution in some form is not probable, but certain. "
- Pg. 22, "The Role of Money" (1934) by Frederick Soddy
The Role of Money (1934) by Frederick Soddy


The Pale Blue Dot