Welcome to petuniaproject!

I would like to create a kind of sandbox RPG that would be used to explore the creation of a native Mars manufactured set of generalized tools to make tools and an associated technology tree/timetable/roadmap.
  Related to this might be a pruned database of technical information downloaded from Earth internet.
   Importation of Earth manufactured items should be kept to a minimum.

Energy production
    Heating, electricity

Water production, treatment, recycling

Air production, human, livestock (?) use
Air production, plants

Food production, storage, preservation, preparation for use etc.

Cooking sources

Eating Utensils, cups, bowls, pots, pans etc.

ceramics (storage, use, e.g. fermented cabbage, coffee mugs etc. 
plastics (?) 

Mars Direct Tuna Can Habitats
Mars Brick vaulting, glazing and inflatables
 (Mars ceramics)

  requirements for prospecting
mining and mine development

Composite/synthetic materials

3d printers and 3d printing

   integrated circuits, memory technologies

Propellant production (methane)
   Nuclear Thermal (Uranium) Th?
for domestic transport and rockets to Martian moons, Earth moon, Earth and asteroids

Habitats from Earth 
 needs of inhabitants, materials required for repairs, replacements, spares

Mars One
Technology Database