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 Wagner is the Puccini of music (Beachcomber)

I wrote this article about the Norwegian poet Olaf Bull in connection with the publication, in 1989,  of  Frans Lasson's Olaf Bull. Brev fra en dikters liv. 1 - 2. (Olaf Bull. Letter's from a poet's life)  I was a research assistant to Lasson on the Olaf Bull project, and wrote the article to redress the absence of information in English about one of Scandinavia's greatest poets.  The article was offered to and refused by the  Scandinavian Review,  then languished for some 15 years on a floppy diskette. Recently it occurred to me that I might post it here on the internet,  thinking that someone - a student of Scandinavian studies,  perhaps - might find it useful and or interesting.  Since the publication of the  Letters in 1989,   Fredrik Wandrup's 1995 biography of Bull [Olaf Bull og hans samtid : en uro som aldri dør / 1995]  has righted some of the neglect of Bull's life that I refer to in the article. More recent is Nete Schmidt's  excellent entry - in English - on Bull in Twentieth Century Norwegian Writers, vol. 297 (2004) of Gale's Dictionary of Literary Biography series.  Feel free to contact me at petteratgmaildotcom.