September 2008

Vol. 5, No. 3, September 2008 
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2009 Energy Education Strategies


The historical society’s 3rd annual Energy Education Conference & Field Trip takes place Nov. 12 -14 in Houston. Experts from Pennsylvania to California will share their latest teacher workshop strategies for improving energy education and outreach. A motor coach field trip will tour oil and natural gas museums in Galveston and Beaumont.  Page 7


Discovering Edwin Drake


Pennsylvania communities are rallying to celebrate next year’s sesquicentennial of America’s first commercial oil discovery by Edwin L. Drake.  Page 3


Energy Tomorrow
What does the average person really know about energy issues – and about the petroleum industry?  Page 4


Producing States


The Oil & Gas Producing Industry in Your State: Facts about 33 producing states. Page 5


Yellow Dog Inventor


Oil patch lore says these two-wicked lanterns were so named because their burning wicks resembled a dog’s glowing eyes at night. Page 10


Wisconsin Petroleum Museum


From gas pump globes to old cars and everything in between, Ed Jacobsen of Northwoods, Wisconsin, shares his enthusiasm for petroleum – and service station artifacts.  Page 11


Illinois Derrick


An Olney, Illinois, standard derrick, the symbol of Richland County’s contribution to Southern Illinois rich oil history, may be coming down.  Page 11


Gone with the Wind


An unusual approach to oilfield firefighting technology would evolve from the “Windmaking Machine” used in Santa Fe Springs, California, in 1929.  Page 12


Energizing Detroit


Marathon Oil Corp. has given the Detroit Science Center a $2.4 million grant to create a Future Fuels gallery.  Page 13


Deep Sea Roughnecks


The pursuit of offshore oil and natural gas demanded technological innovation as exploration led to deeper and more inhospitable waters.  Page 14


Tiger Tale


Ads from the ExxonMobil Historical Collection at the Center for American History are new exhibits at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.  Page 15


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