March 2008

Vol. 5, No. 1, March 2008
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The Azerbaijan Republic is creating an oil history museum, park and energy education complex for its capital, Baku. Oil and gas museum directors are playing a role in this historic undertaking. The American Oil & Gas Historical Society hosted a Feb. 4-13 Azerbaijani delegation tour of museums in Texas and Oklahoma.  Page 10


Hollywood Goes Roughneck


Among the screen credits of the award-winning movie “There Will Be Blood” are oil and gas museums, where the filmmakers researched details for the fictional account of the 1920s oil industry. The design of the derrick came from the West Kern Oil Museum.  Page 8


Geologic Resource


The American Geological Institute is creating new educational materials linked to Hollywood’s summer release of “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.”  Page 5


At the turn of the century, about 8,000 vehicles shared mostly unpaved roads with horses and wagons. An innovative assortment of electric, steam, and “internal explosion” engines powered these horseless carriages.  Page 6


Discovering the Story of Petroleum


The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ new educational book for students, featuring exploration and production technologies, transportation, refining, and much more, is an introduction to the history and uses of oil.  Page 7


Museum Makeover


A multimillion-dollar renovation of the Drake Well Museum in Titusville is the state of Pennsylvania’s contribution to the 150th birthday of the American oil and gas industry.  Page 14


Resource Guide


The Library of Congress, in partnership with the Foundation Center, has compiled a useful fund-raising guide for non- profit groups.  Page 3


Petroleum & Sea Power


The U.S.S. Texas, commissioned in 1914, was the last American battleship built with coal-fired boilers. By 1927, it had been converted to burn fuel oil.  Page 13
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