June 2008



Vol. 5, No. 2, June 2008
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Exploring Rigs to Reefs


The Rigs to Reefs program in the Gulf of Mexico creates artificial reefs, providing a haven for fish species. Since the program’s inception by the Minerals Management Service, the artificial reefs have increased the density of fish populations by up to 50 times. Offshore rigs today attract charter fishermen and scuba divers. Page 9


Spindletop Gushes Again


The Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum in Beaumont, Texas, is back and better than ever after repairing extensive damage caused by Hurricane Rita in 2005. The museum once again exhibits life in the roughneck community and the story of its famous 1901 gusher.  Page 7 


Offshore Rocket Science


NASA has chosen an offshore oilfield service company to design, develop and test new spacesuits for future moon-walkers.  Page 8


Geology Merit Badge


The Boy Scouts of America’s geology merit badge began in 1911 as a mining badge. The first mention of oil appeared in 1927 – requiring Scouts to “explain how we locate petroleum and natural gas pools, and how we obtain oil and gas.”  Page 11


Tulsa Airport Artwork


A mural by Delbert Jackson portrays oilmen at work. It originated in 1967 as a special exhibit at the National Museum of American History’s Hall of Petroleum.  Page 12


Searching for Oil in Corn Fields


The first oil production in Iowa came in Washington County in 1963, according to the State Geological Survey. By 1992, oilmen had drilled 123 wells.

Only three yielded oil.  Page 13


Reality TV Roughnecks


Reality television visits West Texas as TruTV follows the lives of oil patch workers on the job. “Black Gold” creator Thom Beers advocates more drilling for American oil and natural gas.  Page 6


Downhole Bazooka


An idea for using a hollowed-out explosive charge to direct and focus the detonation’s energy ultimately produced rocket grenades. The technology later revolutionized oil and gas well downhole perforations to increase production.  Page 14


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