Petit Oasis Foundation is a private non-profit organization offering scholarships to boys living within 150 miles of Los Angeles between the ages of 8 and 18 years old who strive to be professional ballet dancers.


Scholarship Awards:
Checks will be issued to the ballet school the recipient is attending and credited toward his tuition. With written approval of his teacher and his school, the money can be put toward the cost (tuition, dormitory, or air-fare) of an intensive summer school program at another school. Acceptable schools are affiliated with ballet companies, such as American Ballet School or San Francisco Ballet School, etc., so that applicants will have a better chance to get in the company in the future.


Selection Criteria:

Applicants who show realistic potential to be professional dancers. Prior experience in the discipline of ballet is desired. Physical attributes, motivation, intelligence, musicality, personality, improvisation, and progress shown compared with previous years. 

How To Complete Your Application Package:
Download and fill out the application form completely and accurately. Send the following paperwork and photos to us in this precise order:
1. Your 4"X6" recent photo on top. THE HEIGHT OF THE PHOTO IS 4" AND THE WIDTH IS 6" (HORIZONTAL FORMAT). Send ONE PHOTO only of the full body posing in arabesque without using the barre.
2. Your completed application form.
3. One of the following: a copy of your ID showing your birthdate including the year of your birth, a copy of your birth certificate, a copy of your driver license, or a copy of your passport.
4. For First Time Applicants, attach a recommendation letter from your school.
5. Put all of the documents above in the order listed above and staple them together in the UPPER LEFT CORNER.
6. We will discard incomplete and/or illegible applications without notice.

Applications should be sent to the following address:                                 
                                 Petit Oasis Foundation

                                 902  16th St. #B

                                 Santa Monica, CA  90403
Deadline for application to be received is always October 15th.
We will not accept any applications after the deadline. The invitation to the audition will be mailed to you by November 15th.


We would like to award larger scholarships to those with a realistic potential to be a professional ballet dancer and/or those who show noticeable progress compared with previous years.  Some may not receive any.  If we have more than 50 applicants, we may limit the number we invite to the audition by pre-screening based on the information on the application package.  Please review the records of previous years at our website.


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