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Koffee King

Here is a game I made over the course of about 9 months. I would work on Koffee King in between other projects (like Fury) and during my second-to-last semester of college I decided I just had to finish this thing up. Well, I almost got it there. The original plan was for 5 levels, which wasn't actually the problem, the problem was that in order to make the last 3 levels different and interesting enough to keep someone playing, I would have had to invest some serious time in additional game design and then coding up those new additions. Time I didn't have so close to my graduation date. So, I decided to cut my losses and end the game after the boss fight with King Kobra.
    Here is a link to the game's GMC topic:

    This was such a great project for a couple reasons:
  • I was actually able to get a 2D lighting engine running. I mean, just check out a few of the screenshots below and you'll see what a pretty game this ended up being.. I'm not saying the graphics are nice (lol), I'm referring to all the dynamic colors that come up when playing the game. This is because the shader actually blends the colors on the spot - meaning if a red light comes near a blue light, then it will blend to purple. I'm so proud of that.
  • This was the first time I spent any real time on AI. Now, these monsters aren't exactly realistic.. but for me it was a huge step forward when I realized I could use state diagrams to organize behaviors.
  • I was able to successfully modify an existing engine. Extreme Physics was a fantastic launching point for me to get my hands dirty with taking a chunk of existing code and modify it to fit my project. The main sections I had to modify was in the water. Getting the water particles to register GM collisions was a huge undertaking, but in the end the shading and swimming were so worth it.
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Screen Shots
KK Screen 3
 KK Screen 1
KK Screen 2