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Suburban Warfare


Suburban Warfare
Added: 01 August 2011
By: Kiph

     Created for the 2011 GMC Jam #3 in just 72 hours, Suburban Warfare is an artillery variant with a few interesting features to spice up the classic mac game, Artillery. For my submission, I implemented 3 different castle classes (called Families), 6 unique skills (like Refinance and Foreclosure), and upgrade-able castles. Although my strategy game failed to match the popularity of the action platformers and shooters, I can still say that I'm proud of the game I was able to put together.
    Here is a link to the game's GMC topic:

    To the left is a link to the game's page on YoYo Games's website. Send me some review love if you liked it, or just click the link below for the cnet download.
Get it from CNET!