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Help Arturo move to Canada 

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In an unprecedented legal action in our province, the AFADA association that defends the rights of animals, made the presentation to the Justice Mendoza, where the transfer of the polar bear in Canada is expected, since it is "unlawfully deprived of their liberty "Zoo in the provincial.

The Medical Board that reviewed the bear Arturo yesterday, the only polar bear country, to determine the feasibility of moving to Canada, decided that the mammal will stay in Mendoza, because their long age of life involve risk. This determination was expected and even the run from the North American country had predicted that, for lack of medical documents, could not receive the animal.

This situation caused the indignation of the environmental organizations and thousands of people who advocate moving the plantigrade to a more suitable to the characteristics of their species habitat, to cover the last years of his life.

But the Association of Professional Attorneys for the Rights of Animals (AFADA), went further and presented yesterday, the same day it was determined the non-transfer of Arturo, a habeas corpus petition Mendoza Justice because they believe that Arthur is unlawfully deprived of his liberty, as expressed in this judicial figure.

The organization of lawyers, who have already made the same lawsuit in Corrientes by chimp Toti Rio Black, issued a statement detailing which always disbelieved the Medical Board, which, according to his account, was made up of "professionals do not specialized or experienced, some of them even accused of animal abuse. "

Basically, AFADA reasons that Arthur has been "deprived of liberty" unfairly and unpublished court presentation requires immediate transfer to Centre Conservation of Polar Bears International which operates within the "Assiniboine Park Zoo", or other place of similar characteristics in the world.

This is the statement of AFADA where the most important points of habeas corpus include:

The "Association of Professional Attorneys for the Rights of Animals (AFADA)" through its President Dr. Paul N. Buompadre, and the legal representation of Dr. Nadya Moreno Burgos, made a presentation INÉDITA court in the province of Mendoza (Argentina) for the POLAR BEAR "ARTHUR".

AFADA had filed with the Federal Court of Corrientes Habeas Corpus in favor of the Chimpanzee "TOTI" (captive in Zoo Bubalcó, Province of Rio Black) that was resolved this Friday 7 -2 to 14, deciding to refer the Cause incompetence

AFADA has decided to submit to the Ordinary Courts of the City of Mendoza (ARG) case POLAR BEAR "ARTHUR" which is illegally deprived of their liberty in the "Zoo" of the city 23 years ago, in a very bad health status, and questioned after a "Medical Board" (not integrated by any specialist Polar Bears) it has assessed this Friday February 7, 2014, determining "the Bear Unanimously Arturo stay in Mendoza, as because of age, can not be subjected to a series analysis necessary for shipment and Canada could not receive because the animal does not meet the requirements under the protocol that country "

AFADA not believe or never believed in the realization of this integrated by professionals not specialized or experienced, some of them even accused of Animal abuse, and made without any transparency or objective criteria for designating who only means Medical Board have tried to "specialists.

The novel Presentation court suggests that the Justice Mendocina FREE to POLAR BEAR "ARTHUR" and its TRANSFER order to "Center for International Conservation of Polar Bears" (IPBCC) operating within the "ASSINIBOINE PARK ZOO" located in the city of WINNIPEG (Manitoba - CANADA), or other place that specializes in this species this close to entering the Appendix I of CITIES, which is the organ that protects the "Endangered Animals" worldwide.

Polar Bear Habitat I was on the Skype call today with officials from the Mendoza Zoo, their equivalent of our Ministry of Natural Resources and a veterinarian from Assiniboine Zoo. Unfortunately Arturo's health was not discussed but we were able to clearly communicate what is needed by our CFIA in order to gain a permit to bring Arturo into Canada. I am still uncertain whether or not the Mendoza Zoo has the paperwork the CFIA requires - but feel a little more like it might than I did yesterday. As well, the CFIA is willing to consider evaluating whatever existing information there is from the Mendoza Zoo - but of course will always make decisionys based on the safety of Arturo - and animals here in Canada - and specifically at whatever facility is being considered. We will do everything in our power to assist the Mendoza Zoo and their authorities in providing the necessary certifications and/or information - and trust they truly are serious about doing what is best for Arturo. We - and the CFIA - are standing by to receive more information as its available.