New Zealand Championships

New Zealand Champion

03/03/1951 - P Wells (Canterbury) - 6’ 4” - Wellington       

21/02/1953 - P Wells (Canterbury) - 6’ 3” - Dunedin

06/03/1954 - P Wells (Canterbury) - 6’ 1” - Hamilton, Seddon Park     

12/03/1955 - P Wells (Auckland)    - 6’ 5” - Auckland

17/03/1956 - P Wells (Canterbury) - 6’ 7” - Lancaster Park, Christchurch

09/03/1957 - P Wells (Canterbury) - 6’ 1” - Napier

08/03/1958 - P Wells (Canterbury) - 6’ 5” - Lower Hutt

Note: Peter did not defend his title in 1952. He temporarily moved back to England in order to qualify for the Great Britain team to go to the Helsinki Olympics. The title was won by F Walls (Canterbury) with a jump of 6’ 2”  .

1953 - Dunedin

In February 1953, All-Sports in New Zealand had this to say before the 1953 New Zealand Track and Field Championships:
"Peter Wells must again carry of the high jump, a title he won at Wellington in 1951. Of the 1949 British Championships, Jim Alford (1938 Empire mile champion and one the best coaches in the world) wrote "we certainly havent seen the best of young Wells yet. Only a few days ago I saw him in Wales jumping 6ft 2in with a scissors. On Saturday he used a type of Western Roll for his earlier jumps and then a straddle at 6ft 2in, 6ft 3in and 6ft 4in". Alford would today be proud of Wells technique, his Western Roll being finely controlled, precise, a beautiful thing to watch - and effective. more.......

1954 - Hamilton

Christchurch Press: "Track and field competitors at this afternoon's final session of the New Zealand championships at Seddon Park, Hamilton, faced the worst track and overhead conditions in the past quarter of a century of the annual event. Charlie Jenkins,
 a former national sprint champion and now a prominent sports writer, recalled that the only comparable conditions in 30 years was at Dunedin in 1931. .......another likely Games representative is former English high jumper Peter Wells, who today retained his New Zealand jump title with an effort of 6ft 1in. And the take-off was treacherous"

Contemporary Report: "Wells jumped so beautifully, even though he did not exceed 6ft 1in, due entirely to the greasy take-off and unsettling wind, that one felt instinctively that here was a fine athlete indeed. He has reached 6ft 6in this season and has been most consistent at about 6ft 4in. A western roller, Wells, who is now a Canterbury representative, is a former
English Empire Games and Olympic representative. He is, however, eligible to compete for New Zealand at Vancouver. A few would take the view that he should not be considered, that only those who are essentially products athletically of this country should represent it; but that surely is an extremist position. If there was any question of ability, any doubt, then that would be a different matter."