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Personal Life


Peter married Shirley Grimwood in 1951 in Christchurch. Shortly after their marriage they travelled to the UK so Peter could participate in the northern hemisphere athletics season in order to gain selection for Great Britain for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics - which he managed to do.

He worked as an accountant for most of his working career, working for McKendrick Brothers, Burroughs, NZ Motor Corporation, Ballins Group, and Pyne Gould Guinness.

He was a member of Harewood Golf Club for many years, enjoyed playing table tennis, and was a keen cyclist well into his 80’s, having a target of riding 100 miles (160k) every week - which he invariably met.

He was also manager of the scoreboard at the Chritstchurch Commonwealth Games in 1974.

He travelled back to England in 1984, and 1994, taking the opportunity to catch-up with family and friends. He also visited his old school - Queen Elizabeth’s, and was presented at a school assembly.

Peter passed away after a short illness on 5th January, 2018. He is survived by Shirley, his wife of 66 years, his 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

4 Generations - 2015

4 Generations - 2016

Peter Wells on his 88th birthday in 2017

Christmas 2017. Peter died less than 2 weeks after.
Peter Wells photgraphed in 2012 in his 1956 Melbourne Olympics blazer