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PTC Corporate Brochure 2019.
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PTC Workshops 2019. 

PTC has available a series of 1 to 5 days duration workshops. "These workshops have been carefully designed to increase individual, team and organisation performance across a selected set of subject areas" says Dr Peter Tobin, founding Director of PTC. These workshops are planned to be delivered across the South Africa Development Community region in conjunction with a number of selected partners of PTC. "While some topics were already available during 2018, all of the workshops have been revised to ensure they are up-to-date and meet growing customer and partner demand for highly practical, interactive learning experiences which feature immediately implementable skills, tools and techniques" adds Dr Tobin, "in addition, two new workshops on the EU General Data Protection Regulation and Aligning Business & IT Strategy, have been added for 2019." For more details see the file "PTC sample workshop outlines" below. For the full list of workshops available please contact 
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