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Introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

“Monitoring involves the continuous and systematic collection and analysis of data, while evaluation is the objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project. Strong, effective monitoring and evaluation is essential to successful social fund projects because it allows stakeholders, project managers and governments to determine how well projects are meeting objectives.  Monitoring and evaluation builds greater transparency and accountability while providing project staff with a clearer view of the use of project resources and the process for decision-making.  Future project planning and development is improved when guided by lessons learned from project experience.”(

Introduction to Peter Tobin Consultancy (PTC)

PTC is a management consulting practice established in 1994. PTC offers a range of services based on World Class methods, tools, frameworks and standards, to assist individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance in selected focus areas.

PTC M&E Experience

Dr Peter Tobin, founder of PTC, has been a certified Project Manager since 1998, with extensive experience of managing projects and developing project management and M&E expertise. He has delivered workshops supported by multiple agencies including the Development Bank of Southern Africa, European Commission and World Bank. Dr Tobin has M&E experience in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia. PTC has built a network of specialists who bring to PTC clients the specific knowledge, skills and experience to deliver successful consulting engagements on time, on budget, at the required quality, at low risk and high value. 

PTC M&E Videos

There are three videos about PTC's work on M&E available on YouTube

Preview of PTC M&E workshop:

Review of PTC Zesco M&E workshop:

Dr Tobin interview on M&E

PTC M&E Engagement Model

The PTC team work closely with our clients to deliver successful engagements through three primary methods:

1.       Project based. The client and PTC define specific project scope, timescale and costs

2.       Retainer based. The client retains PTC for regular, ongoing support focused on continual improvement of M&E.

3.       Ad hoc services based. The client uses an “as required” approach to engage PTC as the need arises.

PTC has the capacity to cater for one or multiple of these engagement models according to the requirements of each client.

PTC M&E Services Portfolio

 The PTC M&E Services Portfolio includes the following offerings which can be tailored to the unique requirements of each client. 

1.       M&E maturity assessments: Assessment of the overall maturity of the deployment of M&E in your organisation

2.       M&E organisation standards: Reviews the specific processes and procedures used to support M&E

3.       M&E performance audits: Reviews the use of M&E at the programme and project level

4.       M&E project business case: Provides guidance in the project business case lifecycle

5.       M&E project health checks: Provides independent assurance for specific project dimensions

6.       M&E project reviews: Provides in-project periodic monitoring

7.       M&E project risk management: Provides a lifecycle based risk management

8.       M&E project selection and monitoring: Provides portfolio level guidance

9.       M&E project simulations: Provides simulated real-world training

10.   M&E project sponsor development: Provides training for your sponsors

11.   M&E project stakeholder surveys: Provides effective stakeholder monitoring

12.   M&E successful practices management: Provides reusable knowledge assets

13.   M&E support office: Provides structured support services

14.   M&E team coaching and mentoring: Provides personal development platform

15.   M&E team conflict management: Provides enhanced conflict management

16.   M&E team education and training: Provides capacity building

17.   M&E team recruitment: Provides support for team selection

18.   M&E team skills assessments: Provides skills profiling

19.   M&E templates: Provides multiple reusable templates

20.   M&E tools advice: Provides guidance on selection and use of M&E tools

For more information

Please contact Priscilla Landsman or (+27) 072-085-4114

or Dr Peter Tobin or (+27) 083-922-3444 or visit

You can also download the PTC Corporate and M & E brochures by clicking the links below.

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