Peter T. Malcolm


Educational Software Developer

I am a PhD student in the Instructional Technology program at the Curry School of Education.  

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WallCology is an ecology-based embedded phenomenon in which populations of creatures are ostensibly living in the walls of the classroom, visible only through computer screens that serve as portals at the edges of the room. Children study creatures and collect population data to observe trends and form hypotheses.

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Recipe Generator

The Recipe Generator System was a collaborative project for a software engineering class. Have you ever wondered what interesting stuff you could make with all the ingredients you have in the house? Wonder no longer!


(in press) Malcolm, P. & Berry. R. Q. The Estimation Calculator. Teaching Children Mathematics

Malcolm, P., Moher, T., Bhatt, D., Uphoff, B., Lopez-Silva, B. (2008). Embodying Scientific Concepts in the
    Physical Space of the Classroom. Paper presented at the Annual Conference on Interaction Design and
    Children. (June 2008, Chicago, IL)  download PDF

Moher, T., Uphoff, B., Bhatt, D., Lopez-Silva, B., and Malcolm, P. (2008). WallCology: Designing Interaction
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Uphoff, B., Bhatt, D., Lopez, B., Frack, M., Malcolm, P., Cain, V., and Moher, T. (2008). WallCology: Studying
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