Do you know God's Freedom?

A Weekend of Healing

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What is Unbound?

Unbound is a safe, loving, and effective model of prayer ministry developed by Neal Lozano of Heart of the Father Ministries.

As children of a loving God, we were created to live in relationship with Him. Sin broke this relationship and separated us from God. Sin also opens the door for lies and bondage to enter our life, causing problems like fear, anxiety, hopelessness and shame.

The Good News is that Jesus brought salvation and liberation by dying for our sins and setting us free from this bondage. But even after accepting this gift of salvation, we don't always fully experience freedom; we continue to feel anxious, afraid, guilty, or hopeless.

Unbound helps us respond to the good news of the gospel and apply truth to our lives using the following Five Keys.

  • Key 1: Repentance and Faith. The greatest deliverance is embracing the grace of conversion - turning from sin and turning to the Lord! Jesus is our deliverer and He is our deliverance. The first key involves ongoing repentance and expression of faith as the hidden sins of our heart are revealed.

  • Key 2: Forgiveness. If we want to be like Jesus, we need to forgive from the heart. As we pronounce forgiveness by faith and renounce unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment no longer have a hold on us.

  • Key 3: Renunciation. Renunciation is declaring to the kingdom of darkness: "I will no longer make a home for sin or the deceptions and power behind it. I no longer agree with the lies that have been buried in my heart and my thoughts." The third key helps us to take a stand against our specific enemies, bringing Christ's victory into our lives.

  • Key 4: Authority. In Christ, we too have authority over our enemies who seek to destroy us. Through repentance, forgiveness, and renunciation, we take our stand against them. With this fourth key we decisively declare that the enemy's power has been broken in our lives.

  • Key 5: Father's blessing. God wants to break into our lives and reveal that He is our Father. He wants to affirm our identity, purpose, and destiny. To be "unbound" means that obstacles to God's love have been removed, and this love and affirmation is made real to us in Christ. In this fifth key, we open ourselves to hear this affirmation from God's heart.

If you would like to learn more about the Unbound model of prayer or set up a time to receive prayer, contact us at the following:

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Unbound Testimony

Thank you so much for what you and your team gave to me on Thursday. I am so grateful that you are there doing what you are doing. That was the most remarkable experience of my life and I wish everybody could receive what I have received. The time since our visit has been very odd - I feel like a fish in an unfamiliar pond and I am trying to get used to being me in a new place. I am still working to really unpack all that happened and what it means for my life. I feel like many of the things that were really blocking me have been removed and what I am left with is the realistic task of remodeling my thinking where it is negative. If this had been a part of my RCIA process 11 years ago, the last decade would have been very different. John, you people facilitated introducing me to my Father who I had always thought would be like my dad. I have been trying to type this email since yesterday, but I am having a lot of trouble putting words to all of this. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting our session to be as disappointing as all the other places I've gone for help over the years. And I almost left when I realized that I was going to have to talk about the ugliness of my life in front of 3 people at once, especially a woman. And yet, it was some of the things she said that were most incisive and I'm so glad she was there.

I don't know what the future holds, but I can feel that there is still more to be worked through somewhere down the road. Thank you and your team so much for the ministry you are offering and for answering God's call in your lives.

God bless, B.