Tesla doesn't advertise

Tesla doesn't advertise. Teslas sell themselves. If you've driven a Tesla, you probably want a Tesla. And Tesla owners are perhaps the best form of advertising, providing word-of-mouth enthusiasm for the car and the brand. 
I know that I am an E-V-angelist, and more specifically, for Tesla.  That's why I printed up slips to hand people who ask me about my Model 3, taking them to the Tesla website and the parent post in this blog.  

To support this word-of-mouth marketing dynamic, Tesla created a Referral program to reward enthusiastic owners who spread the word. The purchaser providing a referral code when placing the original order would get free Supercharging for their Model S or Model X for the life of the car, or later, for as long as they owned the car. Early rewards for referrers included a Signature Black Wall Connector (etched with Elon's signature) or a mini-Tesla for kids, or visits to the factory in Fremont for major product reveal events. 

From time time to time, Tesla updates their Referral program. When the first Teslas and Superchargers were out there, purchasers of a Model S or Model X who provided the referral code of a Tesla owner were able to get free Supercharging for the life of their car. But as more and more Teslas got out into the real world, that would become an unsustainable proposition. Tesla announced the delivery of the 200,000th vehicle in the US in early July, and my own informal estimate in November 2018 is that there are already over 100,000 Model 3s on the road, so it makes sense that the Supercharger benefit has evolved into a more sustainable six months free Supercharging for both the purchaser and the owner who provides the referral code.  That is a referral reward that is compatible even with the more moderately-priced Model 3. 

Therefore, if you find yourself considering the purchase of any Tesla vehicle (Model S, Model X, or any version of the Model 3), or a Tesla solar product, you'll want to provide a Referral code at the time you place the order.

And if you have found the information and the experiences I have documented here to be useful, I invite you to consider using my referral code.  We'll both get to share in the positive benefit, currently six months free Supercharging!

My referral code: https://ts.la/peter50391