Google's StreetView car

As I was walking out of the Health South building on ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus just before lunch during Spring Break 2017, I noticed the Google StreetView car with its photospheric superstructure just pulling around the corner from 3rd St. onto Taylor St.  
Intrigued, I stood and watched it drive west on Taylor, past 2nd St, and turn right (north) on 1st St.  I walked west and reached 2nd St. in time to see it drive past, southbound, to then turn right on Polk.  I made it to 1st St. in time to see it come back around on Fillmore and go south on 1st, presumably to turn right on Van Buren, accomplishing a Right-Turn-Only looping grid that would theoretically map an entire city, when complete. (Starting from the northeast corner, it would cut a diagonal swath to the southwest corner, and continue back up to the northeast corner just north of the first southwest-bound swath. Reaching the northeast corner again, it could proceed back to the southwest corner, just south of the center swath. Lather. Rinse. voilà, StreetView of the entire city, with no LEFT TURNS!)

Adding a little more excitement to the experience, in addition to ME seeing the Google StreetView car, the Google StreetView car saw ME:  (On Taylor, approximately 299 E Taylor St.)  (On 2nd St., just north of 501 N 2nd St.)

If you spin this one around, you'll see the Westward Ho in the StreetView image the car, below, had just taken.  (At 1st St. and Fillmore, from just west of the intersection.)
Date: MARCH 2017.  Streetview also has some imagery from August 2017, and doesn't have the March 2017 images for all frames.

PICTURE: Google StreetView car in Phoenix, AZ at 1st St. and Fillmore, with the Westward Ho in the background. March 9, 2017.

The looping route of the Google StreetView car.