Built by Peter Phan 

Here are a pair of unfinished HDT cabinets for sale.  See my ad on the Decware classifieds.


I built these speakers in the fall of 2005.  Thanks to the detailed plans sold by Decware and the helpful posts at the HDT forum, the project was pure joy.  Here are some pictures of the construction process.  (Click on a picture to see a larger version.)

After cutting the MDF to size, the next step was to rout the 3/4" wide and 1/8" deep grooves.  Precision was my top priority!



I used the "alternate tuning" method, which took advantage of the gel waxed drivers.  Below are the 2" diameter ports cut to the alternate tuning lengths. 


Here you see the outside pieces assembled with the port plate inside.  As instructed by Bob "Zygi" Ziegler, I used carpenter's glue for these and poly glue for the diagonal pieces shown further below.


I followed the instructions to the letter, including the "scalloped" edge of the internal ports created by drilling 1/2" holes according to the full-sized blueprints. 


For mounting the passive radiators, I created the appropriate sized cutouts and then routed them with a 1/4" wide rabbiting bit set to 1/4" depth.


Final clamping from in front and behind.  I'm using the excellent binding posts sold by Decware in the HDT Hardware kit.  As you can see, the top of the cabinet hasn't been glued in yet.

The final step was installing the Alternate Tuning Passives and the Gel Waxed, Decware-modified Fostex FE206EM with the latest phase plug (the one used on the current Decware DFR8).  For finishing, I primed and painted them glossy black.


How do they sound?  GLORIOUS!  This was a very satisfying project and I enjoy these speakers tremendously