How many trees are there in Petersfield?  What species are they and what condition are they in?  Are they in good health – or not?

Sadly, we have little idea but 2016 is the year we find out!   

The tree survey will depend on the generosity of volunteers. Together, we aim to survey some 200 sample plots across Petersfield, taking observations on things like tree condition and age class, and making measurements of height and diameter.  Volunteer surveyors will be given full training in what they need to do at each plot and appropriate equipment will be provided.   We expect to attract sufficient volunteers so that everyone can play an important part in the survey but no one will need to do more than a reasonable number of plots each.  Volunteers can survey the trees in pairs and there is lots of time so that you can pick the nice weather!  The main thing is to have fun, enjoy the sun and learn about trees at the same time.  As well as the sample survey covering the whole town we will be mapping all of the trees in the historic centre. Groups may be interested in using i-Tree to make a complete inventory of specific areas -school grounds, the Heath.....

We need to find out more about our trees so that we can evaluate their importance for the health and well-being of Petersfield people and the environment.  Linking to the Neighbourhood Plan we will be in a much better position to manage existing trees and to plan how to maintain or increase their number.  With constant threats from development and likely impacts from climate change and arrivals of new pests and diseases we feel strongly that trees need a helping hand.  This is where you might come in!  We expect to complete the survey before the end of the summer and to produce a report of our findings early next year.  Everyone who takes part will be acknowledged in the report and will receive a free copy.

The tree survey will identify the importance of trees to the life of the town.  We are at the beginning of a project in which we intend to significantly increase the number and resilience of Petersfield’s tree landscape. So please consider joining us. 

To join us just fill in and return the form on the get in touch page.