Petersfield Screening

Petersfield Screening aims to offer the best available health screening and occupational health service on the market today.

Why Occupational Health?

Employers need to be confident that sickness absence is managed in line with current legislation.  An early opinion can often reduce total absence and result to a quicker return to full employment.

The correct adjustments ensure not only  that you are complying with the Disability Legislation but also doing the best for your staff.

All our doctors hold specific qualifications in Occupational Medicine so that you can be sure of the best advice.

Why health screening ?

Most employers would agree that people are your most valuable asset. Considering the health of people at work is one of the most constructive contributions you can make to protecting this investment.

Most of the disease which lead to severe disability or premature death can be prevented if discovered in their early stages. Heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancers... can all be ameliorated by early detection. Hernia, liver damage, asthma... can develop into major problems

Medical screening will make a genuine contribution to the health of your organisation. Can you afford not to make such an investment?