The Writing Life

Smoking, drinking, writing, living... 

 The writer with housemate, musician Charles Smith, at Foxwoods Casino in 2002 on the annual mid-winter "Fear & Loathing" weekend.

Kristi with long-time boyfriend Nathan Schoonover -- ghost hunter and writer. She collaborated with him to write "Deconstructing Fireflies" in 2005, the same summer this photo was taken. 


Just another paranormal night: Kristi and several paranormal celebrities party at the GhostWorld Conference at Gettysburg in July, 2007. Pictured, left to right, are Scott, host of Ghostly Talk Internet Radio; Mark & Mark of Weird New Jersey/Weird US; Bonnie of Ghostly Talk; Kristi; Amber of Ghostly Talk, also a fellow writer; and "Gore Girl" of the Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show. 


 Yes, that's Kristi and Nathan. Disney's MGM (soon to be re-named Hollywood) Studios, September, 2007.

Kristi with writer Joan Philpott in Joan's native Canada, August, 2001. Joan, who has a house about an hour north of Toronto, writes about her experiences as a Canadian living in the United States.

 An inspiration for some of Kristi's darker work: this bird cooked inside Charles & Kristi's fireplace. A mysterious smell appeared early in the summer of 2002, but nothing was done and it was forgotten about until the unsuspecting chimney sweep unearthed this poor creature in the fall.

Crafting a Halloween gingerbread house, October 2002.


 Class at Goddard! From front, clockwise: Rachel (yes, THE Rachel!) Pollack, Cara Hoffman, Jarrod, Kristi, Jimmy, Mike, and Kathryn Good-Schiff. Write-On!

Filmmaker and surreal artist Walter VonEgidy with his wife outside the Bridgewater Cemetery, October, 2002. Such individuals were part of the inspiration for Kristi's novella "A Single Sparrow", which was penned in 1999 and  won quarter-finalist in the New Century Writer contest in 2003. 

Kristi with friend Kaitlyn Downing in Newport on New Year's Eve 2001. Kaitlyn, a fantasy writer and English teacher, now lives in Florida and  is working to market her first novel. The pair have been friends since they met at URI in 1993.

Poet and writer Heather Sullivan and daughter Page Sonnet, New Year's Eve 2005.  Heather has had much of her work published and, in addition, writes grants for Rhode Island's EvenStart program. Kristi and Heather metat URI in 1993.

Kristi moderates a bi-weekly writing workshop, Pencils!, in Norwalk, Connecticut. Here, some of the group -- humor columnist Kathryn Higgins shares here -- gathers to burn the preivous year's rejection slips at the annual "March Against Rejection" party in 2006. That year's party was hosted by science fiction writer Al Profeta, whose work has been seen in such publications as Wild Violet.

Poet Tifani (Niehaus) Greenwood, who has published several chapbooks, her latest one (2005) entitled Darkest Night of the Year. Here, she is outside Hannaford's grocery in Burlington, Vermont. She and Kristi were planning Burlington College Fall Residency's Friday Night Forum, an open mic for the writers attending the school.


Poet Tara Pfeiffer-Norrel. Tara has also published a few chapbooks, preferring to hand-make the books, the result of which were appearances in art galleries. Tara's latest compilation, Love, Liquor, Family: Travels of the Bad Gone Good, centers on the places she's lived, among them, New Orleans.

 Kristi (known as "Kaye" to her friends at Burlington) presents the first portion of her first novel Bad Apple at the college residency's "Friday Night Forum," November, 2005.

Tifani (Niehaus) Greenwood, who also sculpts, shares her pieces with other writing and literature students at Burlington College, where such improptu gatherings between workshops are common.

A Little Lightening Up...

 Kristi and a friend get a little more than Sideways at a local winery's annual grape-stomping event in September, 2003.

Top, Kristi's housemate Charles dressed for the annual George Washington's Birthday dinner at their home in  2003; the evening continues with guest Steve Wiegert, who is an avid reader and spends a great deal of time exploring the Adirondacks.

Kristi participates in some traditional Indian nuptial preparations as she gets her hand hennaed at her brother Chuck's wedding in the Outer Banks in June, 2003. 

Kristi feeds the animals at the Bronx Zoo's annual Holiday Lights, December, 2004. Kristi and a good friend, Helen McGarvie, who is an avid roller coaster enthusiast and travels all over America riding them all, usually volunteer at the zoo every November to decorate for the event. That year, the pair were lucky enough to have gotten to decorate  the Tiger Mountain exhibit.

Poe Season 2004 in full swing: top, Kristi and her friend Suzanne hanging out for cocktail hour at the cemetery. Suzanne is sitting in front of the tombstone that inspired Kristi's "Carved in Stone"; left to right, Adam, carpenter, Nathan, and Charles share a conversational smoke. Adam and Suzanne are motorcycle fiends and were recently (February, 2006) wed in St. Maartin.

 Kristi and Nathan share a smoke at Disney World's Epcot, September, 2005.

Kristi on the Lake Champlain ferry, July 1999.