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Where I have been...where I hope to always be. 

...I have and have had many other lives besides writing...and experience is the key to being well-rounded. Here's a bunch of things I'm into...and this part of the site is STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 


I spent 3 years as a tour guide at Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, and three years as a volunteer aquarist  in the F&I department at the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration (yes, I fed the sharks). Here are some great links: aquariums I've been, aquariums I want to be.

Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration 

The most professional bunch of ocean-passionates I've ever met. What an honor to work there -- aside from Waikiki, the only one I've seen so far that has thriving coral exhibits. Thanks, Brian! 

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk 

...just keep in mind -- a great aquarium for kids, but not AZA accredited....Bruce and Jim are who you request for kids' birthday parties, the best around. 

North Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke 

North Carolina at Myrtle Beach...nice fossil dig, VERY kid-friendly. Tanks exceptionally clean and well-maintained. 

Ripley's Aquarium/Myrtle Beach, SC 

Ripley's in Myrtle Beach: honestly, the healthiest piranha I've ever seen -- and their barracuda will blow you away (both species tough nuts to keep alive, believe me, I know).

Below, Kristi shows her Nathan's nephew Jacob the ins and outs of chelicerae on Limulus Polyphemus (the Horseshoe Crab).


Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet

Okay, it's not an aquarium -- but this is one of the most magical afternoons you'll ever spend in Daytona Beach, Florida. 


Goddard College

I will receive my MFA in Creative Writing in June 2009. They set the standard for the low-residency format, and heavy-hitters on their staff. This is no joke, folks -- be prepared to WORK! 

Burlington College

I received my BA in 2007. Burlington College specializes in IDP programs, especially in writing and literature. Never finished college? Great at working on your own? Check it out. Get more bang for your educational buck!

University of Rhode Island

I didn't quite finish my retrospect, that was better. Fantastic program in marine biology, phenomenal DAILY newspaper. They worked my butt off, and I loved every minute. Writer Dan Pearlman teaches there...he's tough, and amazing. 


Eating Disorders

I survived -- so can you. Although it never truly goes away, here are the books that made a difference in my life. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need a little encouragement. I am open in sharing and confidential.

 The Secret Language of Eating Disorders, Peggy Claude-Pierre

Wasted, Marya Hornbacher

Stick Figure, Lori Gottlieb

Mother Loss

Books to help you understand you're not alone...there are many of us without Moms.

Motherless Daughters,  Hope Edelman

Letters from Motherless Daughters, Hope Edelman 

Dear Mom, I've Always Wanted You to Know, Lisa Delman

Famous Writers

Poe Cottage the heart of the Bronx. Still $3 to get in, and Matt, the caretaker, knows just about all there is to know. For sale in their bookshop: Flora & Fauna in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe: An Annotated Index, by William C. Woolfson. Poe fan? MUST HAVE.

Below, me and  Matt. 

Poe Celebration

Every January in Baltimore. Don't miss it. I go every year, and it's always a treat.

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore 

 ...they also maintain Poe's house as a museum.

Poe Museum, Richmond, VA 

Mark Twain House

Don't miss this one -- Twain's secret life in gory detail, and by far, the best gift shop I've ever seen.

Stacy Horn

Stacy Horn is the author of Cyberville, Waiting for my Cats to Die, and The Restless Sleep. She is currently working on a book about the paranormal. Below, me  and Stacy at Stacy's apartment in 2002.  

Marcelle Clements

Marcelle Clements is the author of MidSummer and, more famously,  Rock Me. Below, me and Marcelle on a Circle Line Tour around New York Harbor in 2003. 


TAPS/Ghost Hunters

Okay, just fun to be around, and thanks to them for bringing us ghosthunters into the limelight.

 Left to right, Grant Wilson, John Zaffis, Nathan Schoonover, and Jason Hawes.

Urban Exploration

I have a fascination with all things decimated, but I especially love abandoned homes, hotels, and amusement parks. Here are the guys that do it artfully and respectfully, so those of us who aren't that brave still get to  watch the process of nature reclaiming what man worked so hard to construct.


Abandoned Subway Tunnels (and other extremes) 

The Pines Hotel, South Fallsburg, New York 


I held a Titanic party in my home in April of 1998, but I've always held a fascination for the wreck -- long before the days of James Cameron. I used to be a full-fledged member of the Titanic Historical Society, but then I just had too much on my plate and had to cut back. 

Titanic Historical Society 

Bronx Zoo

One of my favorite places, probably only second to Disney World. I volunteer there for spring clean-up in April, and for Holiday Lights in November. One day I hope to have time to be a part-time volunteer on a regular basis. 

Visit the Bronx Zoo and the WCS's other wonderful parks at 

 Below, me and Helen McGarvie -- we met volunteering there about four years ago and have this twice-a-year ritual -- put up  lights for the holidays in 2005.