Rev. Mike Young, Unitarian Universalist Minister

        This is my 49th year of ministry!  I'm looking forward to making that at least 50 years before I retire.
               So Nancy and I are looking for one more adventure before we head back to Honolulu.


This year I will be the Interim Minister
of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church of
Canoga Park, CA.

Our new address is:
19200 Nordhoff Street 1104
   Northridge, CA, 91324
   Mike's cell: (207) 313-7232   Or we can Skype: "rev.mike.young"
Nancy's cell: (808) 389-2225 --

     After 44 years of ministry as a Unitarian
Universalist minister at churches in California, Florida and Hawaii, Nancy and I decided to become itinerate.  Since it was a new adventure, we chose to make it really new and went off to be the Interim Minister of the Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville, ME.  Yes, it was cold up there!  But we had lived in sunny climes since finishing theological school in 1965, so what the heck.
    We stayed there two years and were ready for our next adventure.  Mike is still happy ministering and Nancy continues to blossom in all the things she does.  So, where to next?  To one of the more exciting churches in the Los Angeles Area: Studio City!  Yes, those studios. 
    We hit the ground running, as they say.  We lived in NoHo--that's North Hollywood, the arts district.  Live theatre, incredible restaurants, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and like that.
    Then we were off again!  This time to Venice, Florida.  It was an exciting congregation, and only an hour and a half from my grand daughters in Tampa.
    So, now we're off again again!  This time, back to California to a community I know well.  For 7 years back in the 70's I was its juvenile probation officer. Perhaps I'll meet one of my ex-delinquents now in their fifties. Hmm.


Rev. Mike Young has served as called minister of Unitarian Universalist churches in Palo Alto, CA, West Los Angeles, CA, Tampa, Florida, and Honolulu, Hawai'i.  He has now served as Interim Minister of UU congregations in Waterville, ME, Studio City, CA, and Venice, FL.

A graduate of The University of Redlands and Andover Newton Theological School, Rev. Young was one of our earliest Community Ministers, serving as UU Campus Minister at Stanford University '65-69 and later working to develop innovative juvenile programs for the Los Angeles Juvenile Court. He has been very active in the communities he has served, and has received several awards for interfaith, inter-racial and social justice activities.

Rev. Young is the author of A Preachers Poems, a volume of poetry published by Praxis International, available on

Mike and Nancy are chronic parents – 34 children in all, depending on who you let them count. Two biological kids, one adopted, a long string of foster kids, refugees and foreign exchange students now scattered all over the world. Nancy Young is a poet, artist, potter and sculptor. She is on leave as docent at the Honolulu Academy of Art.

For a fuller biography go to Ministerial Record

            Rev. Mike and Nancy Young in Maine

Yes, it was cold; but fun!                              
          Standing On the Side of Love at G.A. '10

                                                                                                  After I received my "nose" from the Faithful Fools!

      Story time with Mike in Maine                                                                                                                                               Saying good-bye to Maine