Welcome to our 4th version of Peter Pan Neverland Dreambox Images

05.04.14 - released and can be found at www.digsat.net

Aurora Dreams 
The Aurora Dreams Image series is our way to make the Dreambox more vibrant, - to make it's operations content 
and appearance is broadly up to you. Keywords: Appearance - Help - Information - Playground.
To make it happend, - we had to reorganize and optimized our Neverland menu - this time with a lot of new opportunities.
It's now with placement of different e2 plugins, new settings options for better overview, new PPtools and live graphic skin setup.

Aurora Dreams v.4.0 is a online Autofs HD image
It's online because of  built-in server status features, News-Pop and the new Neverland Information menu.
Software updates will be announced in Neverland News screen and on our image support forum www.digsat.net
(there will not come new image just because of a software update, only if it is necessary.)
We have chosen to make active use of Dreams autofs tool, it has been used in several PP tools and more PP tools in the future.
It is a HD image because of our new skin presentations which can only be used with HD skin.

Default Skin and Default-HD-Skin
One of the big steps we made going from v.3.0 to v.4.0 has been to combine the two skins in to one.
From now on is the Default Skin a HD skin. (using skin_default.xml and skin.xml stored in /usr/share/enigma2/)
This enables other HD skins to retrieve good looking screens from skin_default.xml.
The Default Skin is a low fat skin without the use of all the menu icons, - pre-installed on all box's (do not remove!) 
The Default-HD-Skin is a exclusive skin, it is using all the menu icons and extra selecter graphics
it is only pre-installed on big space box's and can be downloaded to the small one's.

By using Kerni's HD1R2 skin as a starting point we made our own DreamSkinHD base.
DreamSkinHD skins is using a completely new structure that works quicker with the same appearance
as you know from previous Images. We added current buttons in use, information and help on almost every screen,
day and month in: DE - DK - ES - FI - IT - NL - NO - PL - EN language and over 140 new Neverland Menu Icons.
NewNeverland-DreamSkinHD is the largest Dreambox skin with over 20.000 lines, it includes many of the most used plugins.
The DreamSkinHD will come in many different version with different appearances, it is also used in Tinkerbell's Skin Changer.

T I N K E R B E L L ' S   S K I N   C H A N G E R
The new Tinkerbell's Skin Changer (TSC) gives you possibilities to change the graphic view of myTinkerbell-DreamSkinHD skin
and keep the DreamSkinHD main design intact, live while you are watching your TV. 
You can change: Background picture - Background frame - Buttons - Button background - Selector background - 
Video frame - Menu icon background - Picon frame - Picon background - Infobar status color - Dreambox type - Logo.
First you have to install the myTinkerbell-DreamSkinHD skin on your dreambox.
This can be done from the welcome screen, then you must continue to select an external device for background graphics.
To use the tool you have to mount a external device fore storage of the graphics, whist is approximately 30Mb or more.

N E V E R L A N D   I N F O R M A T I O N 
The newly reorganized menu offers information about your Dreambox software. 
If you got the Browser plugin installed you can access this web-site, on screen.
We now got 4. text file we can change from our server, they will be changed and give you new insights into our image.
  • Neverland News - What's new from us, it is combined with the News Popup
  • PPInfo - Image release information
  • ChangeLog - Shows changes in Dream Multimedia and Peter Pan software updates.
  • AddonSupport - Information about supported or not supported addons , "HOW TO" and "DO IT YOURSELF" stuff.

  • D I S P L A Y   S E T U P
    We have gathered everything about display in one menu and made it possible to see which display skins to choose from
    using remote key left/right you zap through different display designs with or without displaypicons
    and new display standby design showing fan speed and/or dreambox temperature
    With Picon Thumbnails you can see your display picons or skin picons in a picture show.

    W E B I N T E R F A C E
    The new Neverland WebInterface is updated to v. 1.7.5
    The Interface got it's own style, now looking like our NewNeverland-DreamSkinHD skin and the Neverland website.
    We changed WebRemoteOld, now all kind of Dreamboxs can use the DM8000 remote. We added new buttons in Extra menu
    that gives you easy access to: Peter Pan Neverland website - Upload file a file from PC to your Dreambox - Mobile Interface,
    You can get a view of the installed Picon 100x60px and a view the new Neverlands menu icons on a web-site.

    In other words - the new Neverland gives you a myriad of opportunities for you to put together your own unique image.