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PETER GONSALVES is from Mumbai, India. He was born in a family that experienced centuries of political, economic, social and cultural changes which transformed an archipelago of verdant islands into a congested and chaotic metropolis. His trilogy on Gandhi's communication through cloth and clothing is the result of twenty years of experience in the promotion of media education for a culture of peace. A priest and Salesian of Don Bosco, Peter founded Tej-prasarini (1995), an educational publishing house, and in 2002, coordinated the first five-language web portal at the Salesian headquarters in Rome. He is also a member of SIGNIS, a world association of Catholic communicators and served as president of INTERSIG (2004-2007), its international section. He has Masters diplomas in Philosophy (Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, 1982), Journalism and Communication (Symbiosis, Pune, 1993) and Media Education (British Film Institute, London, 2003). In 2007 he completed his PhD in Communication at Salesian Pontifical University, Rome, where he has taught 'History of Media', 'Media Education', 'Peace Communication', and is currently in charge of the doctoral program of the Faculty of the Sciences of CommunicationHis current research interests are exploring the communication competence of the educator-saint (Don) John Bosco (1815-1888) and the expressive dimension of his method of education. His spare-time interests are songwriting, photography and watercolour art. 
Currently he is Dean of the Faculty of the Sciences of Communications at Salesian Pontifical Univesity (since 24th September 2015). 
In March 2017, Pope Francis appointed him consultor to the Vatican Secretariat for Communications.

Salesian Pontifical University, Piazza dell'Ateneo Salesiano, 1, Rome - 00139, Italy. 
Email: gonsalves.p[a]gmail.com / Phone: +39-06-87290-538 / 631 / 625