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Publication of Elements for a Diocesan Communicaton Plan 
(Conference to new bishops of the Catholic Church on the use of media for education and evangelization)


May 2017
"The Medium is the Messenger of Hope"
A conference to newly appointed bishops (Sept. 2016) in, 
I germogli della buona notizia, LAS, Roma, 2017, 27-46 >>>

April, 2017
Don Bosco's Way (DBWAY) - a study guide for parents, educators and youth leaders of different faiths >>>

March, 2017
Translation of article: "Christian Nonviolence in three crucial points" 
by Antonino Drago >>>

January, 2016
Tejprasarini-Marathi: a Youtube channel dedicated to Christian inspirational songs and films in Marath>>>

January, 2016
"Keeping Don Bosco's Educational Method Alive in India: 1906-2016"  >>>

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Gandhi and the Popes - from Pius XI to Francis
Publishers: Peter Lang
Also available at: 

Gandhi today is universally recognised as an international icon, but did his influence extend to the Vatican as well? The author unravels the answer by pursuing six research targets. The book opens with a historical inquiry into Gandhi’s unsuccessful attempt to meet Pius XI, and then goes on to examine the writings and speeches of the Popes from Pius XI to Benedict XVI who alluded to Gandhi. Adopting a hermeneutical slant, it also engages in a comparative study of the thoughts and actions of Pope Francis and Gandhi, and highlights some remarkable similarities that call for an explanation. In the process, the book explores and assesses the popular claim that Gandhi was influenced by Christ, and the not so popular conjecture that Francis was influenced by Gandhi.

Gandhi and the Popes is published in the academic series entitled: Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity, vol. 160, 2015.
See details on the Peter Lang website or download the flyer

Salesian Expressive Education
Editors: Peter Gonsalves & Ivo Coelho
Authors: Kenneth Pereira, Eunan McDonnell, Tadeusz Lewicki, Mario Comoglio, Chinnappan Antonyraj
Publishers: DBWAY.IN and Divyadaan 
Year: 2012

While much has already been written on the 'preventive', 'growth-sustaining' dimension of Don Bosco's educational method, not enough reflection has gone into its 'expressive', 'growth-enhancing' aspects. This web-book is a work in progress with a focus on themes that promote Salesian educational expressivity.