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15 August 2018
An updated digital version of the 2003 manual for South Asian teachers: Exercises in Peace Education 

June 2018
"The Memory of the Salesian Province of Bombay, 1968-1998", available in pdf at

April 2018
"Growing with the Young" (1994), "How to Book for Youth Leaders"(1996), "Exercises in Media Education" (1999), and DBWAY self-study guide (2011), now available for free download at Books.

March 2018
"Satyagraha in Twelve Steps - Peace Education in Action"
Conference to Peace Educators and Activists from Palestine and Israel (2007), updated in March 2018 >>>

August 2017
"Elements for a Diocesan Communication Plan" 
A conference to newly appointed bishops (Sept. 2016) >>>

May 2017
"The Medium is the Messenger of Hope"
A conference to newly appointed bishops (Sept. 2016) in, 
I germogli della buona notizia, LAS, Roma, 2017, 27-46 >>>

April, 2017
Don Bosco's Way (DBWAY) - a study guide for parents, educators and youth leaders of different faiths >>>

March, 2017
Translation of article: "Christian Nonviolence in three crucial points" 
by Antonino Drago >>>

January, 2016
Tejprasarini-Marathi: a Youtube channel dedicated to Christian inspirational songs and films in Marath>>>

January, 2016
"Keeping Don Bosco's Educational Method Alive in India: 1906-2016"  >>>

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The year 2018 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the teachers’ manual for South Asia, Exercises in Peace Education, and the supplementary workbook for students, We Choose PeaceIn evaluating this work we have taken into consideration modifications in the language, the clarity of aims, the content and method of the exercises – while constantly bearing in mind their social relevance for the education of young people belonging to different ages and cultural backgrounds. This updated edition is meant for wider diffusion and sharing than the 2003 version. Which is why it is being made available online so that those interested may freely download the file ‘with no strings attached’. They may contact the author at: