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My Passion! 

There are not many people left in this world who will mention the words "Brewing" and "Beer" while I am in the room.  I can (and will!) talk for hours about beermaking. I even have my own label, done by a very good friend who is a graphics designer. Check out his web presentation and you'll see what a poor web designer I am.  

The story about the label: 

Our favorite pub (kind of our second living room - or was it the first?) when we still lived in Germany was "Der Vogelbraeu". "Vogel" means Bird and the owner/brewmaster was Rudi Vogel.  This is the reason why the logo just had to have a bird theme! 

The Takahe is a very rare bird here in New Zealand. So are All Grain Brewers.

The Gumboot is a symbol of our lifestyle. We live in a rural aerea and have our own small farm.  Gumboots are a common fashion item out here. 

How it all began:

I started like most people here in New Zealand started. With brew kits from the local super market. With mixed results.  But at least it produced some good brews. I then moved to better brewkits from my local homebrewshop 

The next step was All Grain Brewing, the Olymp of home brewing. Since then I call myself a Crafts Brewer.

 If you want to see how a home brewery looks like, click here


The Brews

Pale Ale/Bitters

German Wheat Beers