Peter Mork's Home Page



Welcome to my node in the graph known as the World Wide Web. May you live forever or die trying!

This site contains information about my family () and my hobbies, which include role-playing and music. For professional information, you can check out my work page.


The best place to start is with a convenient listing of my games.

Of course, the best game in existence is Rolemaster, for which I've written a book. I also edit for an on-line publication: The Guild Companion.

Our current game has an on-line utility.


It's an odd combination, perhaps, but my favorite genres are folk, country, and gothic metal...


  • One of my all-time favorites: Queensryche's Mindcrime is a stellar album.
  • Think metal needs more, not less, opera? Nightwish is the answer.
  • For a great live concert, check out Dream Theater or Rush.