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3-Making a Violin

Rib Mold
I made this mold from drawings the Will sent me. The blocks are attached.

Clamped Rib
Here a C-Bout is shown clamped

Completed Ribs
The ribs have been glued to the blocks.

Bent Linings
These linings are made of willow.

Linings Done
The back linings are complete.

Lining Closeup
I have shaped the linings to blend to the ribs.

The outline of the back is being transferred to wood.

A similar process is followed for the spruce top.

Front Linings Done
Ready to glue on the top.

Bass Bar Clamped
The difficult work of fitting the bass bar and clamping it.

Here I have roughed out the neck maple for carving.

White Violin - Front
The front purfling and the f-holes are visible

Bent Ribs
The ribs have been bent on the bending iron and are ready to attach to the blocks.

A glued C-bout ready to trim

A Mistake - Fixing the Corners
Will pointed out that my corners were too long, so I had to unglue them and trim them to the right length.

Clamped Linings
The back linings are installed and clamped in place to try.

Lining Detail
Here is a view of the linings at one corner. Note my corner end grain direction is not ideal; it is best to run out diagonally to the tip.

Back Clamped
The maple pieces for the back have been joined and clamped.

Back Button
Here I draw the back button.

Front Linings Clamped
Here the front linings are attached. The back has been carved and glued to the ribs.

My Mark
I penciled in my name and information on the upper block before closing the box.

Finished Bass Bar
The bass bar has been blended to the

White Violin - Back
Here the purfling is visible and the neck is carved and attached

White Violin
The violin is ready for varnish. The fingerboard has been shaped.