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1-My Best Scenes

A Twisted Prison
This image was the 3rd-place runner up in the Internet Ray-Tracing Competition (IRTC). The IRTC was resurrected in 2009 after a 3-year hiatus.

This is a completely hand-scripted scene rendered in an old custom build of POV-Ray.

A grand piano that I modeled in Moray.

A rose, also modeled in Moray. I remember this one took a very long time to render, on account of the texture.

Night City
I scripted this with a macro one evening before the IRTC deadline. The image did not do well in that round, but it has some pleasing aspects nevertheless.

Space Ship 1
First in a series of space-themed images I made, this was modeled in a free-as-in-beer modeler called PovSb. This ship is based on an actual model that I made from left over pieces of other airplane model kits and bits of card paper.

A ray-tracey alien planetscape.

Morning Landscape
A painterly landscape rendered in POV-Ray and processed with Gimp.

The Drink
I made this image with the use of Gilles Tran's fine Pipes macro.

Ocean Flight
Another IRTC entry that did OK. I liked ultra-saturated, fantastic scenery.

Based on a ship drawing in "The Lore of Ships," this images was modeled in Moray. I post-processed it with Gimp in order to give it a painterly quality.

Window in Space
This was rendered with an earlier version of POV-Ray where volumetrics were first simulated. I used Moray to created the window model.

Confederate Flag
A flag I modeled. No racial undertones are intended (I realize that some are offended by these colors, much as the Nazi flag offends others for similar reasons).

Space Ship 2
I've been told that this ship evokes images of flying hair blowers. I was captivated by the new POV-Ray feature for "halos." These were nicely faked in earlier versions of POV-Ray and have since been replaced with more legitimate atmospheric models.

Evening Landscape
A painterly landscape rendered in POV-Ray and processed with Gimp.

A study in multi-function texture to produce micro-facets in the resulting sphere.