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4-Miscelaneous Renders

Learning, experimenting, post-processing, and generally fooling around with POV-Ray.
Dead Tree
An ominous scene that I never finished.

Ocean Flight 2
Here is a post-processed version of Ocean Flight. I was trying new ideas with Gimp.

Rope Test
I was experimenting with programming my own rope algorithm for the Twisted Prison scene. This is one of my tests.

Subsurface Test 1
One of the very few renders I did after my Grand Finale, A Twisted Prison. I was learning about subsurface scattering to make better textures.

Dead Tree 2
Another nightmare scene I never finished. I needed a huge spider model.  This is an earlier render.

Heroic Treason
I was making this for my brother's story in 1997 or 1998. It was supposed to be a book cover.

Piano 2
A painterly version of the piano scene.

Spiky Things
A pointless yet pointy render I made in a fit of boredom one evening. Apparently, I even lacked inspiration on that day. :)

Subsurface Test 2
Another of my experimental renders.

I made this as a background for a presentation I gave. It was a quick scene designed with height fields, a multi-fractal, and some macros. I rendered it in MegaPov, which was a custom one-off version of POV-Ray. Eventually most of the MegaPov features found their way into the official version.