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3-My Earliest Scenes

Some of these may actually have been made in DKB-Trace.

One of my very first scenes ever. I even made an animation of it, with moving clouds and rising bubbles.

I investigated the torus and different procedural textures.

The Donut Earth
In 1992, A friend and I made an animation of this scene where the moon would orbit through the hole in the earth.

Here is a little experiment I made with a height field. The height field says "Irix" in it. Irix was an old SGI operating system, which I never used; but it was cool to say things like "Irix." The spheres reflect clouds, but where are they? Ooooo!

Here is an image I entered into a high school contest. The school said they wouldn't award it for the art category, but if I would re-categorize it under photography (I had taken a photo of the screen), I could get an award. Oddly enough, I declined.

Another Moray scene featuring water and crystal.

Another early render. I wanted to make an interesting atmosphere effect.

As my skills improved, I began to use Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) to build more complex objects from simple ones. You can almost tell what this is supposed to be.

Columns and Pool
Getting better as CSG. What is that chandelier hanging from? Nothing! Mountains in the background? OK!

Another image where I reflect clouds that aren't really there. This one originally had a little jet plan model I made with triangle patches and was not rendered with radiosity.

In the mid and late '90s I began to work with Moray, which allowed for more complex models. POV-Ray had improved too.

A very complex model of my guitar from the late '90s. I ruined it with a bad render.