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Blog Help Sheet

Dear Parents,

We had the first meeting of the CK Burns Summer Readers Blog Club this afternoon.  This was a 60-minute training session on how to get on the site, and how to enter a blog, how to read and write reviews from other bloggers.

We did not need to create gmail addresses for our readers, as we decided to use a website that does not require this step. There is no information saved in this website that would reveal the identity of our students. It is secure and only available to those who have a user name and password… CK Burns registered bloggers!

It would be great if your son or daughter could try out the blog before our next meeting, next Tuesday, June 10th.  If your child is having some difficulty, then we will be able to work to resolve any issues before we break for summer.




If you do experience difficulty over the summer, please email me at the address below.  I will get at back to you as my summer schedule allows!  We plan on checking the site a couple of times a week, so there might be some delay in response. 

We are thrilled about this  “book sharing” opportunity that will keep our readers connected over the summer.

As always, happy reading!

Cathy Melanson                                       


after July 1st: cmelanson@sacoschools.org

Getting Started:  Logging on to

C K Burns School Summer Reading Blog

KidblogWebsite Address:




Writing a Book Review (Tips)


o      Did you include the title and author?

o      Did you talk about the main characters, their actions, problems, solution?

o      Did you tell about in interesting, exciting part?

o      Do you recommend this book to readers?  Who would like it? Why would they like it?

o      Would a reader understand your review?

o      Would more details help your reader better enjoy your review?

o      Is your wording interesting?

o      Did you capitalize all important words in your book title?

o      Is your spelling and punctuation correct? Underlined words may be spelled incorrectly and can be spell checked using the browser Check Spelling option under edit


To Write Your Review:

This is the first screen you will see….

It has 4 tabs. (Dashboard…New Post….Review Posts…Comments….Profile)


New Post is where you will write your review.


    1. Add your book title in the “Add New Post” box.

    2. Begin typing your review in the big box below.

    3. Look over your review.  Remember the “Tips for Writing a Review” on the first page.


4. Hit Submit for Review when you are satisfied with your review.

You really don’t need to do anything with other tabs.




To read the reviews of others in the Blog: click on the “Go to class blogs” in the upper right corner of this screen. Click on the title and read the review.



To add a comment to your friends, begin typing in the box below the “Leave a Comment” box. When you are done writing your comment, hit “return” or “enter”.