C. K. Burns Elementary School is located at 135 Middle Street in Saco, Maine.  In 1991, C. K. Burns School completed a renovation of the school building, adding a new gymnasium, remodeling the cafeteria, adding a new wing, and designing a brand new library. The library is situated directly in front of the main entrance, making it a focal point of the school.

As part of the renovation, the library was converted to computer automation for circulation. The library includes a spacious rotunda for group gatherings, a circulation area, tables, study carrels, and beautiful sculptures designed by Maine artist, Elizabeth Busch.

In April 2006, the library was dedicated to Peter L. Flaherty.  Mr. Flaherty retired from teaching after 34 years of service to Saco Schools.  He spent 23 years as a classroom teacher and 11 years as an administrator.  Mr. Flaherty was a much beloved and dedicated teacher/administrator who is greatly missed by all.
Students are scheduled to come to the library once a week. The average circulation is in excess of 25,000 books per school year. This warm, inviting atmosphere makes the library a fun and engaging place for students to learn and read.
"Burns School"
Inspired By: "Downtown" By Kidz Bop

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"Shake it Off"
Adapted from Taylor Swift
Lyrics by Becky Corliss, Andrea Conley, and Cathy Melanson
Burns School
Are you hot, tired, or bored? Well shake it off and do some math or read a book!

The staff at Burns School decided to combine an important message with a lot of fun
about how you might fill your summer up. Come on, let's "Shake it Off"! 

Be sure to bring those summer reading and math logs back to school with you on the first day of school, and let the celebration continue!

"Read Like Crazy" Video
Adapted from Carly Rae Jepson
Lyrics by Robin Wilson
Summit Elementary School

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Have the "boredom blues" hit you yet? We have just the remedy for this.
The staff at Burns School decided to combine an important message with a lot of fun
about how you might fill your summer up. That's right, let's "Read Like Crazy"! 

Be sure to bring those summer reading and math logs back to school with you on September 2, 2014,
and let the celebration continue!

Summer Reading Blog

Students who are participating in the Burns School Summer Reading Blog may access the Login here:

C. K. Burns Message of Empowerment

"Roar: a fun way to participate in the message of empowerment. Stand up, speak out, take care of yourself and each other."

A special thanks to Shannon Surran for the videography.

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Grade 5 lessons of survival
"To Build a Fire" by Jack London
WOW, that's really cold!

Grade 5 March Library Book Buzz

5th Grade Girls Gab About Books

5th Grade Boys Buzz About Books


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Summer Reading 
C. K. Burns School
Children and Reading
        Studies suggest that children who read as few as six (6) books over the summer maintain the level of reading skills they achieved during the preceding school year. Reading more books leads to even greater success. When children are provided with 10 to 20 self-selected children's books at the end of the regular school year, as many as 50 percent not only maintain their skills, but actually make reading gains.  (McGill-Franzen andAllington 2004)
C. K. Burns Teacher Publishes 2nd Book
Maine author John Goff has published his 2nd book The Takeover, through Bryson Taylor Publishing. C. K. Burns Elementary School is so very proud to claim Mr. Goff as one of our very own 3rd grade teachers "extraordinaire".  Mr. Goff is a role model for all our students, proving that, with hard work and commitment comes success. We have found that Mr. Goff's books are very desired by students at Burns School, and the proof is evidenced by our very long waiting lists for copies of both One Bad Thing and now The Takeover.
We cannot wait to see Mr. Goff's next Burns School Bestseller!

C. K. Burns School Student Quote:
This book is amazing, it has you on the edge of your chair the whole time you are reading it. This book is material for The New York Times bestseller list and the Newbery Award Medal. I could not stop reading it even when I tried. (Sarah 5th grade)